Sitting, Part 5

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We have been encouraging Cayman to reach the milestone of sitting unsupported since January. That is when she sat all by herself for the first time. It was only brief but it was long enough that she was proving her strength and ability to do it.

But then she regressed. She would cry and resist every time.

It's been a mystery.

We have done exercises, stretches, and massage. A set of x-rays were ordered and ruled out the theory of any spine or hip malformations.

So last week, I took Cayman to her first appointment with a chiropractor.

A low quality cell phone picture because I forgot my camera.

I was a little nervous about it. The thought of having her tiny spine manipulated made my own back cringe. But with everything else we have tried with little gain, I thought it was too important not to explore this modality for her.

The appointments have gone great. The doctor is a wonderful, gentle man. He talks to Cayman and watches that he gains her trust before he sets about his work.

He discovered the same shift in spine and hip alignment as Cayman's physical therapist did.

He uses a device called an activator to adjust Cayman's spine.
The activator is a tension rod with a rubber end. With a click of the release button the rubber end quickly, but gently delivers a light, controlled force to Cayman's spine.

At the first appointment, Cayman thought it was hilarious. The first click startled her, making her jump but then she laughed after each click of the activator, completely relieving mommy's jitters.

Cayman will continue to see the chiropractor a couple times a week and we are hopeful that it will help her become more comfortable in sitting unsupported.


Cayman's physical therapist, Jodi, had a new idea on how to help Cayman sit independently.

A Benik trunk brace.



This brace was made for a little girl that out grew the need for it so the family donated it to the center. Jodi thought it looked like the right size for Cayman and it is!

I am so grateful to the family that donated it. These braces can come with a high price but because of their thoughtfulness Cayman can use their brace for free.

Since the addition of this new body brace and the chiropractic treatments, Cayman has sat independently for nearly 30 seconds. It has not been an event that she has duplicated again but we still count it as progress. And I even got it on video!

Here is Cayman's exciting progress in sitting...

sitting, Part I
sitting, Part II
sitting, Part III
sitting, Part IV

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Debbie said...

Great Job, Cayman! She is getting it!

lisa w. said...

I found myself wanting to catch her! Thanks for the video.....I love her smile and the way she just "goes with the flow". A great lesson to me!

Tyler said...

Way to go Cayman! She looks great in the vest. Tyler's therapist tried something similar (thera togs) about a year ago. He didn't do as well. But I think he is a little stronger now that I think it would help.
Her big smile just proves how proud she is of herself :)

Diane, Tyler's mom

Lisa said...

She didn't seem at all phased by her plunge forward, what a trooper!

She is doing so well. no doubt she'll be sitting by herself soon; you and Mike are such dedicated parents, searching out every possible resource to help her succeed.

Teri D said...

She is so incredible and resilient, we could all learn so much from her.

Proud of you Cayman!

Aunt Sam said...

i love that last picture of her!! she is so darn cute!! :)

Sara said...

She is sooo cute! She cracks up over everything! i love it!!! At least she wasn't phased at all by going down forward.

Tara said...

Wow!!! Michelle is getting the Benik vest too!! Im excited for her to get it. Glad to see Cayman sitting!

Sheila Smith said...

Amazing progress! She's doing great! Not sure if you got my other message, but I've been trying to get something to you guys through Mike's mom, Sue. She goes to church with my mom and dad, and my mom put something in Sue's mailbox there at Lockport for Cayman. It's from several months ago, and i'm sorry it's taken so long! Let me konw when you get it!!


My name is Sarah said...

WOW!!! Cayman look at you. What a big girl.

Sherri said...

Yay!!! Cayman!!! FANTASTIC :)

Sarah M said...

Amazing! It seems like Cayman is accomplishing so much right now. What an answer to prayer!

I also liked how Cayman's thumb brace matched the vest. Gotta look good at all times, right? :)

Sarah said...

Excellent job Cayman!

Amy J. said...

She is going to have the best personality when she grows up! Anyone that can laugh during a visit to a chiropracter has a pretty sweet disposition!

Renee' said...

Way to go Cayman!!! I know your Mom and Dad are so proud of you and so are we readers in the blog world. Keep up the good work and keep flashing the most beautiful smile in the world. I love it. When you smile your whole entire face lights up and that is precious in my book.