How Big is Cayman?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Big!

Cayman looks incredible posed in her crawling stance! She needs a lot of assistance in order to hold herself in this position, but even just this alone shows a lot of progress!

Sitting unsupported still is a struggle for her. I feel confident that she is strong enough to sit all by herself if she desired to.

You might recall her misery in sitting was linked to the helmet causing too much pressure on her head. {If you missed it, you can read about it here.}

Well, we think there's more to it now than just that.

She definitely has shown great improvement since we removed the helmet permanently. She's mastered rolling and head control perfectly. But sitting is still bothersome to her. She whines and fusses. Not often, but sometimes she'll even cry. For Cayman, crying is a big deal because she rarely does it. Something is definitely wrong if she is in tears over it.

Cayman's Physical Therapist, Jodi, discovered that only in a sitting position, Cayman's hips are not even and her lower spine slightly curves. Likely, this feels uncomfortable for her and that is why she is uneasy about sitting.

However, that does not bring flawless understanding since Cayman is happy sitting supported. She'll sit joyfully in her BeBe Pod, playing. She sits on our laps, in her high chair, and car seat without any complaints.

So maybe, she feels unsteady when trying to balance herself in sitting?? We're not really sure.

She wouldn't be Cayman if she didn't keep someone always guessing about something.

So the next plan of action is for a set of x-rays to be taken of Cayman's spine and hips. That will rule out or confirm a malformation. It will also give her health care providers a picture to compare over time to monitor her spine curvature.


A couple weeks ago, an evaluation was performed to see where Cayman is at developmentally as a 14 Month Old. Her last evaluation was in January when she was 10 Months Old.

Here are those compared results:

Gross Motor Skills:
Current Developmental Age: 6 months old.
Janaury's Evaluation: 6 months old
She did not move up in developmental age in this category because she's not doing anything new such as sitting or crawling. But she's getting stronger in the Gross Motor Skills that she has learned; rolling, head control, tummy time, etc. So even though the charts do not show it, there is improvements in this area.

Fine Motor Skills:
Current Developmental Age: 10 months
Janaury's Evaluation: 7 months

Current Developmental Age: 10 months
January's Evaluation: 9 months

Current Developmental Age: 10 months
January's Evaluation: 9 months

Self Help:
Current Developmental Age: 14 months
January's Evaluation: 12 months

And the one that cracks us up...the one area that Cayman is not behind in, but actually advanced is:

Current Developmental Age: 15 months
January's Evaluation: 10 months

Even though I see for myself how well Cayman is doing and her scores are overall great, I always feel nervous for these evaluations. I think it's because, in my mind-my world, at home-everything feels "normal". Then when these developmental numbers are laid before me, my "normal" feels a bit shaken.

But I realize, a charted number does not make any difference. It doesn't change Cayman nor how proud of her I am!

It's easy to not get caught up in statistics or prognoses when I remember the blessed thoughts of Albert Einstein:

There are only two ways to live. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

It does not matter what her developmental age is compared to her chronological age...everything Cayman does is miraculous! And that is what we celebrate!

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ABandCsMom said...

I think Cayman's eval's are GREAT!
Love seeing her in the crawling stance and can't wait to see her moving.

Sherri said...

Wow! It takes a lot of strength to hold your head up like that! She is doing awesome. Our PT doesn't do evaluations like yours. Our evaluations just basically go over which goals have been met and what our new goals will be. I'm kind of glad that they don't give us a developmental age for each of the categories...I don't think I want to know :( But, as you said- every single milestone is a miracle! We will be praying for an easy explanation for why it hurts when she is sitting----and an easy solution!

Kristin said...

Abigail has several deformed vertebrae in her neck and middle of her back, she also has scoliosis and is missing a rib on one side and has an extra one on the other. Tummy time was a struggle from the beginning, she screamed as if in pain...but eventually (like as in 6 months later) she tolerated it. By then she was on to bigger and better thinks like sitting, that took a while too and then her darn parents started encouraging crawling but she learned she'd much rather stand and try to walk. Each milestone was met with resistance on her part and quite a bit of overprotecting on mine. I was worried that her spine might be causing pain, especially in her neck. But little by little the muscles and bones were taught what they needed to do. She has a repeat xray later this month to check on her spine, but from what I can tell by palpating her spine as she sits, all that movement seems to have straightened it out quite a bit.

In terms of Cayman sitting on her own, it may very well be uncomfortable because when sitting supported she's not forced to use certain muscles or bones to support her self but rather she is able to just relax into whatever is supporting her. It takes patience and repetition but soon it'll be second nature.


Michelle said...

Cayman is doing so well! And I had wanted to comment a few day s ago on how beautiful those pictures were at the lake.

I am also convinced that Owen could sit up full time if he wanted to. I think it's just because he didn't for so long, that he prefers what he is used to. It was a huge fight for a long time to get him to do it at all - even though he would be fine if there was even one finger supporting him. We finally won by doing it on the bed where he could just topple over without pain. We just did it day in and day out and making a big "Whoops" with smiles whenever he fell over. Now he will sit just about whenever you plunk him down. He can't quite get himself into a sitting position from laying down yet though - too much gravity to overcome there. So don't be discouraged, I have the utmost faith that Cayman will get there too.

The Soldatke family said...

Wow!!! What an awesome post! To see Cayman in that crawling pose is amazing! How wonderful she is doing. And like Sherri (since we do live in the same area and all) our therapists never do the developmental thing. While I'm curious, I can kinda figure it out and I know it would just depress me to have it on paper.

I think Cayman is doing so great! And I hope you figure something out with her xray. Hoping that is's a simple thing!

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

So... that's how they do it!!! Audrey's PT has illustrated with stick figures on how to get Audrey up on her hands and knees but I couldn't figure it out. The PT sees her at daycare because I'm not able to get time off for her therapy sessions, all my time off is dedicated to dr's appointments and when she gets sick. Now, that I see Cayman working so hard, I know what to do!!! Thank you for photographing this and posting it!

She is doing awesome! And, she does all of it with a smile!!! I wish our evaluations were in depth like your's... I know it probably causes anxiety going into it but when you see the improvements on paper it must feel awesome because it just shows that Cayman is proof that you are an incredible Mommy. But, then again that smile is proof enough that you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing - raising a happy child.

She is certainly a miracle!!!

Aunt Sam said...

Cayman is a miracle!!! and so cute too! :)

Carla said...

Awjob Cayman! I love her smile in the pics. She is truly having a good time. Hopefully the x rays will reveal what is causing her discomfort & that is a good idea to have something to track back too.

Monica said...

Moving forward is awesome! She looks so very very grown up in that crawling position. I have no problem believing she is ahead

Great job improving Cayman!

Katie said...

I Love the pictures. How awesome is that!!!

I have to say that I am amazed at your strength. Cayman is such a lucky girl to have an awesome MOMMY!!

I have to tell you what I told Lisa...Lilah was "poor, below average,etc" and I told her which he replied, "I hate labels. We aren't God, we don't know what she'll do."

I cling to THAT. JUST LOOK at how far Cayman has come. I will never forget reading your post where the neurologist said that she had the "largest" hydrocephalus he'd seen. Just look at what she's doing NOW!!!

Like you said....she's a miracle!

ONLY the Lord knows.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

WHAT a FUTURE she'll have!!!

Beth said...

It sounds like she is doing great!!! Who is to say what "normal" is anyway!!! We all know how well she is doing because we see it on this blog!!!! A little social butterfly!

Perhaps a chiropractor could help Cayman with the hip issue? Just a thought - not trying to be nosey or pushy - I'm partial to chiropractors since I'm married to one!!!!

Debbie said...

Don't worry about Cayman's scores...they are just numbers. You know Cayman's strengths and that she is progressing daily...that is all that matters! She is doing exceptional! I love reading about all her updates. Keep up the good work, Cayman!

amy flege said...

dont take those evals too seriously!! I have learned with Mayson she will do it when she is ready but she will get there!!!!! I think Cayman is doing great!! Mayson didn walk until she was three and never crawled. she is a very cautious child and until she is comfortable doing something she just wont do it!! hang in there. your little miracle is doing awesome!