Pictures of the Baseball Game

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The holiday weekend was great. Perfect really.

It was busy, busy. But the good kind of busy if you know what I mean. We were out having lots of fun!

And while we were out dirty dishes seemed to spread themselves about our house, laundry surely must have reproduced, and the floors attracted all sorts of stickiness.

But there are just some things worth putting on hold for a fabulous weekend!

Now I am going to try my best to remember it's Tuesday, not Monday, as I start our very busy week. I hope to show up to all of our many appointments on the right day, at the right time; I plan to catch up on the household stuff; I will be tackling that very annoying mail pile on my desk; and I plan to finish all the editing to my already completed photo sessions.

{Have you checked out my Photography blog?}

So with all that there is to do I don't have much time to tell you about our baseball game that we went to.

So here's the quick version of it...

These are our friends Andrea and Ryan.
They invited us to join them at this game.
So sweet of them.

Cayman loved being outdoors.
She clapped and gave people high fives.

Cayman was put up on the scoreboard screen.

Andrea and Ryan made it up there too for the "kiss cam".

Fireworks concluded the night.
Cayman did not have the same reaction to the fireworks as she did last year.
She didn't cry but she definitely clung tightly to us as she intently watched the sky.

"Thank you Andrea and Ryan for an awesome day!"

“And another big thanks to Wendy L. for the Tickets!”

16 Showin' Comment Love:

Shannon said...

Yay! That looks like SUCH a fun time!
Also, I just checked out your photography blog for the first time...A-MAZE-ING! :) Love, love, love your pictures; you have a great eye for how to make your subjects pop!

Gabriella said...

How do you have that camera ready for such moments as being put up on the big screen? I would have missed that for sure! Amazing!

Lisa said...

Cayman seems to always make it up on the big screen :)

You got some great photo's. I love the one of Cayman where we can see the ball field in the background.

Good luck tackling all your housework and chores. Donald and I were busy this weekends too....but that's the stuff we did. I felt like we still hadn't caught up from our busy month and so we spent the whole weekend doing things like laundry, balancing the checkbook, cleaning out the van, etc. It felt great to wake up this morning and feel on top of things again.

Anywho.....glad Cayman had such a fun time at the baseball game. Those fireworks were good practice to get her ready for the 4th of July!

Molly said...

So I looked at the photo of Cayman on the screen and I was like "Whoa! It even says "the beautiful cayman cindy! How'd they know?" and then I realized it was your watermark. lol

The photos are great!!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce and Sarah. To make it up on the big screen twice in one lifetime means only one thing ~ a miracle to share ~ and how lucky the world is. Such a great day and evening for all. I can't believe how big she looks sitting in that seat all by herself.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing her on the big screen! She is adorable!


Bonnie said...

Those were such good pictures:) I totally love caymans hair and your hair with the highlights guys are so adorable:) Glad you had such a fun time!!!!

The Soldatke family said...

I agree with Lisa...I can't believe Cayman's been on the bigscreen twice!!! Crazy..

Glad you had such a great weekend! It sounds busy...and it is funny today is already Tuesday...sure doesn't feel like it...makes for a short week!

Lisa said...

oh good, you added 'the kiss' :)

Kristen said...


Mike called me this morning while sitting in Ryan's office (they work together) and said "Ryan says add 'the kiss'! :)

Noelle said...


I just did a flash back with all your challenges you've been going through and OH MY GOSH! Your faith amazes me. The tears kept coming! Cayman truly is beautiful and so lucky to have you as a mom!

Thanks for always having the best things to say on Go4pro and keep up the great photography work! You're doing fantastic!

amy flege said...

looks like a wonderful day!! i love cayman's hair!!

Tiffany said...

Everyone thinks she's adorable---she always gets up on the cam!! Glad you had your hair!!!

Beth said...

Love the pictures - Cayman just gets cuter (I know I always say that- but I swear she does)!!! Glad you guys had a great time!

Tyler said...

Looks like FUN times!!! I have to agree with Lisa. Cayman always manages to get on the big screen. But if you look at her cute little face and those curls who wouldn't want to capture it.

Diane, Tyler's mom

David said...

what a fun night! i havent been to a game yet this year but i will, either dodgers or angels or both.

how funny that cayman got up on the big screen!

you had great seats, too, how did you get them? i'm usually up in the cheap seats.

looks like all the teams to friday night fireworks and kiss cam. nothing funner than a baseball game!

i told lisa to take elisabeth to a mariners game and try to get her on the screen too.