Jill and Matthew's Visit

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have so many pictures and memories I could share from the days Jill and Matthew stayed with us. I've sat staring at this computer screen, trying to figure out where to begin, what to write, how to share all that my mind and heart is holding onto from the precious four days I had with Jill and Matthew.

I could tell you all about how adorable Matthew is and how much he's grown since I saw him last August. I could tell you about how he snuggles right into your arms when you hold him. I could even tell you about how hard I worked to get him to smile for me like he does with a simple call of his name from his mommy.

I could tell you about how late Jill and I stayed up every night.

I could tell you about how many hint bombs Mike dropped on Jill for her to mow to the lawn so he wouldn't have to. I could tell you about the teasing wars between the two of them over the fact that Jill calls pop soda and Mike thinks that sounds funny.

I could tell you about how Cayman laughed when Matthew cried (she's not a very sympathetic girlfriend).

I could tell you about how Jill got Cayman all hyper right before we left for the airport and she laughed, snorted, and kicked her feet for nearly the whole 2 hour drive.

I could spend a long time telling you about Jill and why she is simply amazing to be with.

So many fun memories we made in just a few short days.

But instead of writing a post that would take you through next week to finish reading it, I will simply take you on a picture tour of our time together...

The two little kiddos looked adorable in their car seats next to each other.

After picking up Jill and Matthew from the airport, we made a stop at our favorite sushi restaurant to devour those yummy rolls of rice stuffed full of seafood and veggies.

Mike, the chopstick tooth walrus, is always more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

On one of the days, my mom (Grandma Cindy) and Madison came over.

Madison suggested we walk to the park to play.

So she fearlessly led the way...

Walking to the park.

Cayman's first time swinging all by herself.

It was indefinitely amusing watching Madison push Mike in the disc swing.

Matthew wasn't always feeling the best. He got sick on the plane coming here and that made him sleep a lot.

When he wasn't sleeping, we tried to get the kiddos to play together.

It was a Love-Hate relationship though.

Matthew seemed to be more fond of Cayman than she was of him.

Allow me to show you...

Here's some of the Love...

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Sweet encouragement from Cayman as Matthew worked hard to hold his head up.

A big smile on Matthew's face as he turned to look at Cayman in the direction that is typically not his favorite side to turn to.

Isn't that the look of a little guy completely smitten?

He didn't even seem to mind when Cayman pulled his hair.

Now, allow me to show you some of the hate...

There were times they did not want to even look at each other.

The look here on Cayman's face says, "Geesh, this guy's kind of boring. He fell asleep."

They had their first co-ed bath.
(Daddy said that will be Cayman's last)

Jill's skilled hands made Cayman a weighted blanket, filled with poly pellets, giving the blanket a certain heaviness to it that is known to be relaxing and calming.

Here are the kiddos snuggled in their car seats with their weighted blankets ready for the trip back to the airport.

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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Grandma S said...

It looks like you had a great visit. I'm sorry I missed it. Cayman and Matthew will love the bathtub picture in about 12 years!

Kim said...

Cayman and Matthew are adorable interacting with each other. I love the quote at the bottom. It is such a gift to find someone going through a similar situation as yourself.

Stephanie said...


Tiffany said...

Oh, I love this so. I am so glad you had this opportunity again. They look like they had a bath...and I don't know about you but they look like a typical married couple! ;)That quote at the bottom is perfect!

Beth said...

LOVE IT! It looks like it was a great visit and the pictures of both kids are just adorable!

The Soldatke family said...


Wonderful pictures! Tell Mike I'll be mowing my own yard and drinking a SODA at the same time! :) And I'm pretty sure I told you not to take a picture of my butt :) Hee Hee.

What a fun time we had!! We even got more sleep this time!
Forewarning: I'm stealing your pictures and linking to your blog, cuz I'm lazy today and it'll serve as an easy post :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for this post!!
The photos of the kiddos together made me cry :) They are sooo precious! Oh, I'm SO jealous of the sushi!!
One more thing...SODA! SODA! SODA!

Tyler said...

I am glad you guys found a friendship that will last forever and all the great memories you had during this trip and so many more.

I love the love-hate relationship Cayman & Matthew share. I was cracking up at all the pictures. I love the one where she is encouraging him to hold his head up and the one where Matthew is smiling at her. That is just too cute. And that video is great! I was laughing so hard when she started throwing balls at him.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Keeslermom said...

It's so nice to see my little buddy playing with a friend! Two cuties!