The Silver Lining of a Place In Holland

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm not sure when I wrote this entry, as it was on a loose sheet of paper found in a folder among a collection of quotes and poems I've gathered whenever I was inspired by one. (I really should date things better.)

Journal Entry (sometime after Cayman was born):

Here's a little bit of Holland inspiration...

There is a place called Giethoon, a village in Holland, that was built without a single road. Only peaceful water canals and bike trails mark the transportation routes around this quaint village.

Thinking about that for a moment, I would imagine the natives to that village take life a little slower. They enjoy the scenery longer and soak in the details of their surroundings.

That left me feeling inspired and I remembered these words:

"It's slower-paced than Italy." (from the poem Welcome to Holland).

I see a silver lining in finding myself in a place that teaches me to slow down (mentally) and take life in one day at a time. (read my post Living in the Moment)

"Lord, please make my heart 'free to enjoy the very special, the very lovely things ... about Holland'."

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The Soldatke family said...

Love, love, LOVE, this post and the perspective it teaches us to slow down!!

And also LOVE the new picture on your header!! (How long has that been there?)

K said...

I want to visit that town. It reminds me of Mackinac Island. I love the slower pace with no cars.

Michelle said...

I think I'd love living there! Thanks for sharing that...I'm facing my day feeling a bit calmer just by looking at the pictures.

Grandma S said...

I could sure use a vacation there right about now. If I suddenly disappear, you'll know where to find me.

That's an adorable picture of Cayman in the header. Of course, is there any other kind of picture of her but adorable?

Kristen said...


I put the new picture of Cayman on the header just yesterday evening.

Lisa said...

Oh, I have SO much to say about this post.

First, I am in love with those homes. The style is just so inviting and comforting. And they are kept immaculate! When Alexandra saw me looking at the pictures she said 'They look like homes that Snow White would live in'. She's right, that place looks like a fairy tale.

Second, I think we should make that our next 'conference location'! Gorgeous!

Third, about slowing down:

Life is so fast paced these days and I don't like it that way, not one bit. That's why last week was so hard for me. I don't enjoy being on the go 24/7. I like things to be relaxed...but not lazy (there's a difference). So I make a point of living each day free of stress or hurry. I don't drive fast, I don't have to be the first in line. I just want to enjoy everything around me and take it all in.

With that being said, I really don't think raising a handicapped child means a slower pace neccesarily. In fact, I would say that my schedule with Elisabeth is every bit as full as my schedule with the other children. With Elisabeth there are all the therapy and doctors appointments and she takes extra care that wasn't needed when my other girls were two and a half. So I would say in reality, life with a special needs child is perhaps busier.

But life is definitely richer and more enjoyable at a slower pace. So I think that it's important for people everywhere, regardless if their children are disabled or not, take time to 'stop and smell the flowers'. Lifes just to good to let it whiz by, know what I mean?

(of course you wrote the!)

Thanks for another great post, those pictures are absolutely inspiring!

Kristen said...


I hear ya. And you make a good observation that with the schedule, appointments, and therapy life with a special needs child, it can certainly be go-go-go. But here's to always remembering to slow down and enjoy life!

Ann said...

Beautifully written.

Love the new picture of Cayman. She's growing up so much!

*Monica said...

love this! I think I have a new retirement goal, in maybe 50 years or so!

Gabriella said...

YES! I keep saying how much I love this slower pace and appreciating every moment alone the way! Great post!

Gabriella said...

I meant "along".

SuzanSayz said...

I am overcome with the idea that a place of such beauty and simplicity actually can exist somewhere in our world.
I doubt that I will ever be able to see it in person but for me that hardly matters. Just knowing that it's there and that there are people who are able to enjoy it gives me a great feeling of peace and happiness. I love how you tie this into life with a special needs child. I feel true sorrow for those people who through ignorance, prejudice, or whatever circumstance, don't have eyes to see the beauty in children and adults with disabilities. The world is so much the richer for them all.

Anonymous said...

Perfect reminder to slow down and take things one day at a time...and to enjoy.