The Silver Lining of Winter

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here's an entry I recently wrote after seeing these beautiful flowers pop up in our yard.

Journal Entry (March 15, 2010):

I am not a cold weather person. If it was not for the strong attachment I feel for my family and Mike's, I would pursue a different climate to live in, for sure.

But for me, there is a special silver lining in enduring winter. Every year I experience a heightened, fresh euphoric in watching the warmth, color, and life return that comes with Spring.

It's easy not taking this kind of weather for granted when every year I go through a period of time living without it. I can say it almost makes winter worth it...well, almost.

***I posted twice yesterday. The second one being in the late afternoon, an unusual time for me. Make sure to scroll down if you didn't see it. You won't want to miss it!!

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The Soldatke family said...

1st!!!!!!! (thanks to Matthew's early awakening!)

I too, am happy to see spring. This winter almost WASN'T worth it. It will make us extra glad for spring!

Lisa said... I can come back up to this post and leave a comment.

I completely understand those feelings of joy when you see the Earth coming to life again. It really does make the winter worth it.

I grew up in SoCal and missed out on all the seasons. It was nice year round. And do you know what? I prefer it this way....with the beautiful fall colors, the bitter cold winters, the miracles of Spring, and the burning heat of summer.

Life is better with Seasons, it just is.

Josephine said...

I love spring flowers! I like winter, but by the end I am soooooo ready for it to be over, so the spring flowers are a beautiful sight!

The James Family said...

I don't miss Ohio's winters... but I miss you... so I would endure winter just to see you!! :)

anna said...

Vibrant photo. Would you mind sharing the kind of camera you use?


Anonymous said...

That photo is stunning!

Kristen said...


I don't mind at all sharing what my camera is.

It's a Nikon D90.

Tyler said...

I just love this time of year when everything comes to life again.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Sara said...

I love winter...I just love the snow and the fun you can have in it, and I love spring for I can take Kadyn for a walk without it being too cold or too hot, and I love summer, for we can go to the beach with extra sunblock, and I love fall, because the colors....I guess I love all seasons lol :)

Amy J. said...

So I leave blogland for a few weeks and come back to Cayman WALKING!!!! That is so AWESOME!!!! Horray for Cayman...and her mommy...and her daddy! Oh happy day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So awesome and so true. This is the exact reason why I'll never leave this area!!