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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cayman has regressed in her endurance and tolerance of standing on her feet. It was discovered that her hips are rotated and slightly out of place. Possibly that is the answer to her discomfort and unwillingness to stand anymore.

So I made a phone call to the chiropractor I've taken her to in the past. He is a great doctor...kind, gentle, and patient. And what makes me feel completely at ease with his care is how well he listens. That is largely important to me, especially when it comes to spine manipulation. I'm kind of funny about that one.

And because I love my daughter so much, I have started to see this same chiropractor for myself. I have been having some issues with my own spine and hips on which some days it is terribly difficult for me to even pick Cayman up or play down on the floor with her. But because I adore her so much and do not like it when anything comes between my precious time with her, I will remain proactive at taking care of myself. And along the way, I'm overcoming some fears of my own, like having my spine touched. (Have I ever mentioned I broke my back once?)

A Mobile Pic we texted to Daddy from the doctor's office.

On the first day of returning to the Chiropractor's office, we had appointments for both Cayman and me. The doctor worked on Cayman first and then me second. I had taken along a blanket and some books for Cayman. I spread the blanket out on the floor and sat Cayman down on it. While handing her the books, I bragged to the doctor about how good Cayman is at not getting into anything especially when she's in a new environment. I told him he could go about his work fixing my ouchie back and she shouldn't give us any worries.

The thought of a mischievous toddler didn't have this easy-going doctor worried anyways. He's so laid-back.

So when the doctor was finished with the treatment, I hopped off the exam table to find my little Cayman who had made her way over to a cart where the bottom shelf was stacked full of gowns and towels. She had pulled them off the rack and strung them across the floor!

Oh dear. She sure made a liar out of me.


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Valerie said...


Josephine said...

Haha - that's always the way! The minute you brag about something your child does or doesn't do, they always turn around and do the exact opposite! I love it :)
I'm interested in Cayman's chiropractic experiences though, because it's one of the various additional "therapies" I'm looking into right now for Avery....I just am having a hard time coming to a decision.

Grandma CIndy said...

She was helping with the laundry. She's such a good little helper. :o) XOXOXOXO

The James Family said...

That's cute... she might take after her Daddy in that department! :)

Anonymous said...

It's the best when they do that! (Sense the sarcasm?) Hope the chiropractor helps!

Beth said...

LOVE IT!!!! And I certainly love that you and Cayman go to a Chiropractor - I {obviously} highly recommend chiropractic care! My kids have all been adjusted literally since their birth! Brooklyn especially since Daddy delivered her and was the first to hold her in this world!! My girls love it - Brady isn't as excited as the girls when Daddy pulls out his table!

Lisa said...

he he he.....that's funny!

I hope that the chiropractor is able to help Cayman so that she can get back to standing up again!

Mary said...

We made our very first trip to the chiropractor yesterday. Well Riley and Rex both did great. I've started this journey into more natural medicince. It is scarey at times! I love the Dr we found through my massage therapist but still a bit nerve racking for a mom that used to gettting her fis from pediatrician. I'll be interested to hear about Cayman's progress with the chiropractor.

Tyler said...

LOL!! It's good to hear she's getting into stuff. I just hope he lets you come back..hehe.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Sara said...

Thats soo cute! i must say I love your sweater too!! :)

Katie said...

Remember your comment about wanting Cayman to play with the pots and pans and tupperware and such???

Here is the beginning!!!


The Soldatke family said...

She's just starting to get into things!! Yay for her! (Even if she made a liar out of you)

Hope it helps!!

Dr. Ross Carter said...

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