Christmas Wreaths

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking back through my pictures I realized I forgot to share the final arrangement of my Christmas wreaths I made.

The wreaths added just a touch of something pretty to the terribly rugged, stark appearance of our 'Home Sweet Home'.

Speaking of its worn appearance, see our one little dead bush? Poor little guy didn't make it. I do not have a green thumb but this is one plant that is not on my record. It was dead before we even bought the house.

And here's a little story that I get a chuckle out of:

I suggested to Mike this past summer, we tear out that dead bush. To which he replied, "That would look terrible because then there would be a gap."


So the dead bush remains. But hey, our landscaping is even.


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Sue said...

Sorry, but I have to agree with Mike on this one....uneven bugs the heck out of me, so if the dead bush makes the 'look' even....I go for dead bush!!!! The wreaths added so much to the house!

Jennifer said...

I love the wreaths! They look gorgeous on those windows. I'm not sure how I feel about the bush. :) The unevenness would be bad, but is the lone dead one better? Hmm. ha ha

Tyler said...

The wreaths look great!

And I agree with Mike with the gap. Maybe you can remove it and replace it with another.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Grandma S said...

You could just kill all of the rest of the bushes. Round-Up works great.

Tsquared417 said...

1.) Love the new header picture
2.) Love your new side profile picture
3.) Wreaths are awesome!!

Krissy said...

those wreaths are fabulous, Kristen! You are so creative!

David said...

i like how you call the plant a 'poor little guy' lol

Lisa said...

I actually thought about those wreaths a few times throughout the holiday season and was hoping that you would post a picture. It turned out great!