Pottery Barn Wreath Knock-Off

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I don't know if you know this about me but I can be a little obsessed with decorating. Yes it is so. I hope you didn't fall of your chair from that little bit of fact.

That infatuation is what has rooted me in a deep attraction for Pottery Barn. My favorite part of fanning through a catalog of theirs is looking at the rooms and all the fine details from the crown moldings to the fancy window panes. Of course the merchandise catches my eye too but looking beyond it and into the design and layout of an individual room is fun for me.

When I saw this picture from Pottery Barn's winter catalog, I fell in love.
Here's what I loved about it:

  • The White siding-so clean and simple
  • The dark shutters-beautiful contrast to the white
  • The extra little detail at the bottom of each window
  • And the red door. Mike would love that part too.
Beyond the details of the house, the wreaths caught my eye, hanging across each window in such harmonious unison.Oh I admired them, then about fell over when I looked at their price tag...$79!! I just knew I could duplicate this idea for much less. I am pretty sure Pottery Barn is going to start sending me hate mail now or worse, cut off my catalog supply ("I'm so sorry PB, I really do love you!!").

I went to a craft store (Michael's to be exact), bought two wreaths at 50% off, which came up to $10 per wreath.

Then found an assortment of red and silver ornaments at Walmart:

A package of 32 various styles of red ornaments for $15.
And two packages of 18 silver ornaments for $2.50.

Bringing my total cost in ornaments to $20.

Then I wire tied the ornaments onto the wreath using green wire so it would blend in. This was a little more time consuming than I thought it would be but I took extra care to make sure each ornament was secure because these will be hanging outside on our windows. And just in case they do blow off I made sure the package of the ornaments declared them to be "shatter proof". Have I ever mentioned that in addition to decorating I also like to plan ahead? :)

My total spent on my two wreaths was $40...$20 per wreath, compared to Pottery Barn's $79 per wreath.

And I am certain this project could be duplicated for even less than what I did. The wreaths I bought were the largest ones (about 30 inches in diameter). So a smaller wreath would cost less. And if you already have extra ornaments then that cuts that part of the cost.

And they are Oh-So-Pretty.

The next step is figuring out the best way to hang them over the windows. I know I want to loop them with an extra wide velvet ribbon. It's just determinig the best way to secure the ribbon to the brick siding. If you have any suggestions, please share.

Because I have a belief that if I post another blog without a photo of Cayman I will hear about it. So here is that precious little girl who rolled over to the couch and leveraged herself to this sitting position all by herself. She hasn't done it again since that first time and I'm not even certain how she did it. And by the look of happy surprise on her face I am guessing she was just as shocked as I was as to how she got there.

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Molly said...

Those wreaths are adorable! (but not as cute as Cayman!!) :-)

Josephine said...

Beautiful wreaths!! Well done :)
And yes, the look of happy surprise on Cayman's face is adorable :)

Grandma Cindy said...

Thank you for the pictures of Cayman!!! Love the look on her face. You did a GREAT job on the wreaths. As far as hanging them - I think they make hangers that actually snap (or something) onto the brick. I would check with your hardware store or your favorite homebuilders store. Yes Mike should LOVE the scarlet and silver wreaths. Was that planned?

Tyler said...

The wreaths are beautiful. You have such an eye for detail. Thanks for including Cayman in your post.

Diane, Tyler's mom

David said...

lol, it's funny you put in some cayman pictures, because i had been noticing a lot of posts with no cayman, and thought to myself, why is this blog called the beautiful cayman cindy? lol

Tara said...

Ok you have to tell me how you did that. Im having a hissy with my hot glue gun and wreath this year. Well more like a disagreement... It's winning... lol!

Cute wreaths but even cuter baby!!

Katy said...

The wreaths look great. My little one gets himself into a sit by the couch and I have no idea how. . . haven't caught him in the act yet.

*Monica said...

Wow, great job on the wreaths. You must have the in your blood, my mom is the same way, she can see something and make it, sometimes even better than the original!

I can't wait to see pictures of them hanging up!

Jennybell said...

we have newer windows and I lower the top sash, stick the wreath out the windown then close the ribbon up in the window when I close it. All done from the warmth of my home. It may not hurt to use a suction cup with a hook on the window out side to hook onto the bottom half of the wreath so that it doesn't get knocked around by this crazy wind!!
I didn't even put mine up this year! I thought we had thrown them out but found them in the basement. I think next year I'll do exactly what you have done. There's a local florist who makes beautiful bows!

Lisa said...

And this is just one reason why we are such good friends; we have the same taste. The day my catalog came I took it with me to look through while I was waiting for Alexandra in ballet. When I got to that picture of the house, I stopped and said to my friend who was sitting next to me, "that is my dream house".

Seriously, if I ever designed a home from scratch I am certain I would go with the colonial look, white, with shutters. It is just so classic and homey looking.

I can't wait to see pictures of your wreaths haning on your windows!

The Soldatke family said...

I love your craftines!! Those wreathes are beautiful!! And so is miss Cayman!

Amy J. said...

Oh how I love a gorgeous bargain project! You did great! I am guessing you completed this little task during Cayman's naptime cause those balls are awfully pretty!

Michelle said...

Those are just the most beautiful decorations. I envy your knack with that kind of thing. And way to go Cayman on the sitting up!

Jiey^Mien said...

Those wreaths are so lovely.. :-)
And yes, well done to Cayman too..

P/s - My little boy managed to bring himself up to sitting position twice, and it happened 2 weeks back.. Now, he just doesnt want to do it anymore.. =(

Anonymous said...

It's tough to get my mind back on the wreaths after seeing Cayman - aaww!

I learned to consider my time part of the cost of anything I made. Hubby and I still laugh at the $200 dog bed I made from $20 of materials because I would not buy a $30 one already made.

amy flege said...

wow those are gorgeouse!! you did great!!!

Ann said...

The wreaths are beautiful. One of these days I'll get crafty at Christmas but at least I put up all the lights that I wanted to this year. That's progress, right?

Cayman is as precious as always. What a doll!

Rashel and A.D. said...

very pretty wreaths...this has inspired me to try something similar :) thanks!

Sheila Smith said...

I haven't done a craft project in FOREVER!!!! Wait, does sewing buttons back on my daughter's sweater count?! But I had thought that a wreath for our door might be pretty this year, never had one before! So, now I'm inspired! I'll see what I can do with all of my little elf helpers, who are sure to very involved! That house picture is so pretty, all that was missing was the horse and sleigh pulling up in front, ready to take you on a ride during a light snowfall!

Aunt Sam said...

you are so very talented Kris!

Katie said...

you did great. you can come make me a wreath anyday!!