Waterpark Pictures Retrieved

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My brilliant Mike, along with his co-worker Ken (a.k.a our neighbor), retrieved my lost pictures from the waterpark! I thought the pictures were gone forever! What a great day it was when I saw my pictures return!

Before the system could crash again, we quickly backed up all the pictures!

Now my computer has a brand new hard drive and is working perfectly...so far!

It's been a long month of service checks, waiting, and finally my computer is functioning properly. Apparently Dell is not the way to go if you want quick and efficient customer service.

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Katie said...

Great pics!

We are HUGE fans of shutterfly!!!

Sheila Smith said...

What a fun place! I will definitely have to visit there next time i'm out with some kids!

Tara said...

I have got to say that your arms look as though they were made to hold Cayman as you do. Great pictures!

Tyler said...

Aren't waterparks great? There is just so much to do!! It looks like everyone had a good time. It looked like Cayman was sleeping in the picture of you two in the lazy river. I am also happy to hear that you were to retrieve all of your pictures. That could of been devastating.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Lisa said...

Hurray! I am so glad that you retrieved them. Love your swim suit :)

Amy J. said...

Oh happy day when lost photos are found! OK..so your hat creations are amazing (but not so amazing as the little creation wearing them!) She has such a fun happy personality!

Zoe said...

So glad that "yall" were able to retrieve the photos! Looks like a great time. Cayman is so cute.

Yes.. I used to have a Dell... I learned the hard way that their customer service is lacking. :/