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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have you ever browsed HGTV.com's Rate My Space?

I do!!

But for the first, I am a participant.

Check out Cayman's Room on their website by clicking here.

8 Showin' Comment Love:

Katie said...

Nice Job!
Love the room. Will rate your space soon.(I tried, but I have to sign up to be a member to do it)

Stephanie said...

Interesting a site to learn what other's have done.

I joined and rated your space. I love Cayman's room.

p.s. Couldn't afford the couches at this time. Now they are all gone. I am sure another deal will come my way. I may have to give up on leather though.

The Soldatke family said...

I've not seen that before; but I love your pictures from your nursery!

Tsquared417 said...

Will you come decorate my house? :) It's gorgeous!

Tsquared417 said...

So I just caught up on all of your entries....here we go

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I'm only 10 days late, come on, I was on vacation!) I hope it was wonderful. I can't wait to see the dining room table Mike got you.

Cayman combing her hair is too precious. I love it.

I love the new hat you knitted. It's awesome!

Cabela's is in Dundee where I grew up! Of course, it looks nothing like the Dundee where I grew up! When I was there, it was one stoplight and the school!

It looks like Cayman is a water baby!

Missed ya! OH! Glad you have a working computer! :)

My name is Sarah said...

Fabulous room. I love it!!!

Kristen said...

Stephanie, thanks so much for rating my space!

Lisa said...

First of all, I love your new profile pic!

Second....I can't wait to rate your space!