Nesting is in Effect

Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you're going by most of the photos I share you might think my house is beautiful and always organized.

And with a laugh I would say, "Yep, you're right." :)

But then I would have to reveal the truth, and the truth is my pictures are a little deceptive. I choose to share the pretty parts of our house. The parts that have the hardwood floors finished and sparkly new in appearance. The parts where the wood trim is freshly painted and the walls breath modern color back into this 1947 house.

But there is so much more to it though. So many areas that are not glamorous but actually right down ugly. The exterior condition is probably the worse part. And on the inside there is so many more areas that need attention and updating too. This sort of thing requires a whole separate budget of its own which we have not had. We have been reeling a bit financially from an unexpected summer of many expenses. Thank God for Mike's stable job and even feeling thankful for the head-ache pain of insurance because without it, it would be worse. So much worse. And thanking God also that we booked our vacation this past summer before all these hospital episodes took place. I would have promptly put my foot down and resisted the idea when Mike said, "Let's go on vacation." And you know, vacationing is one of those things that's easy for me to put off for reasons like the busy-ness of life, or not enough money, or feeling too stressed to wander further away from the most trusted hospital we know. But it's also easy to regret later on. There is value in getting away as a family and experiencing more of the world than just our own little corner of it where we live.

Many of the things Mike and I dream of changing in our house has had to wait though. And that's okay because it teaches a certain level of patience and contentment which I need to learn. It opens my eyes to see what's really important. There are days when I have failed miserably at it, feeling as though I am a five year old kid in a candy store stomping their foot because they cannot have all that they want.

Now we are expecting another little one. I am still soaking in that exciting news. It's miraculous to me and many of times I have wondered if we would ever have the privilege of being in the very spot that we are right now. I am in awe.

Preparing for a baby does not come cheaply. My mind was swirling when I sat down and tried to figure out how to "make it all work" (ever been there??). Then God made my head spin pertaining to all His {always} faithfulness. It's unexpected, need meeting, humbling, securing, and over the top faithful.

Looking over my To-Do list of things to get done before the baby arrives I knew our budget would not allow for them all to be completed. Typically that's the part where my 5 year old foot comes out and stomps in frustration. But I did not. Not this time. I want change. I want a better attitude. Christ has been helping that to happen in my life. So I paused, reflecting on all that is really important beyond beautiful rooms, organized closets, and a welcoming curb appeal.

I looked at my list again, circling two tasks that felt of highest priority to me and that which we could afford right now.

  • Baby's closet
  • Cayman's closet
Our house has three bedrooms. When we moved in, bedroom number three became use for storing office supplies and other misc. items. That is all getting moved out now to make room for our new little bundle of joy that will be arriving in less than four months...yikes! Gotta get busy. And busy is exactly what I have been.

I took written inventory of what is currently being stored in what will become the baby's room. Decided on what can be stored in the basement and what needs to find a new place in our home. Had a fun afternoon of coming up with budget-friendly creative ideas. Two books shelves placed on each side of my desk with attractive, affordable office bins from Walmart to hold all the supplies. Feeling comfortably blessed when I went online to Target and found the collection I purchased my desk from is currently being discontinued so the matching shelves were on sale with a promotion of free shipping. {Faithful. He is always faithful.}

Later that afternoon when I ordered the shelves Mike emailed me telling of a mistake that had occurred in his paycheck and we would be getting re-inburst in the amount that was nearly to the exact dollar of what those shelves cost. {Faithful. He is always faithful.}

To utilize a closet's space at its best potential a person needs to make use of the space all the way up to the ceiling. {That's fancy HGTV talk right there for ya}. In order to do that shelves are needed. Well most of the closets in our house lack shelving. Do you remember my broom closet post? It's just like that. The disorder of the 'before' broom closet is exactly what Cayman's closet has been. And oh it's frustrating. It was a terrible task taking out toys to play with and putting them away. Everything would just get stashed in on top of each other.

So I pulled everything out of Cayman's closet. Sketched the blue print layout including its dimensions. Sketched another drawing of a closet system that would accommodate for both clothes racks and shelves {a tricky thing to figure out when the closet is "T" shaped}. Took the drawings to Lowe's to figure out how to get this "custom" idea accomplished. Found a pre-made system similar to my own drawing that fit {nearly} perfectly in her closet for less than half the price than the custom made one. {Faithful. He is always faithful.}

The condition of Cayman's closet before.

Before: Only one tiny little shelf on the right side.

Before: Resulted in a pile up of toys on the floor of the closet.

Ready for the reveal of the after??

Hold your breath.








Ah, sigh with me as your eyes feast on that organized beauty!!

Shelving all the way up on the left side.

Shelving all the way up on the right side.

What an improvement!!

I have had such a great feeling satisfying my nesting urges. And the fact that these two projects turned out to be more comfortable on our pocketbook than we expected...well, I just have to say...

Faithful. He is {always} faithful.

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Stephanie said...

Amazing job and organization. Love the new closet.

Grandma S said...

I wish I could rent you to organize my closets. Cayman needs to hold a fashion show to show off all of those cute clothes in her closet.

The Soldatke family said...

Wow, Kristen, that looks awesome!! You do such a great job!! I love it! Can't wait to see what you are going to do to my room....err I mean the babies room....that room is so interesting...I hope it's something fabulous! Hoping I can help you by sending something special off in the mail in the next couple weeks. My goal is by the end of October.

You can come to Nebraska and organize for me anytime!

Anonymous said...

Some people never learn contentment or fine joy in what they currently possess. Thank you for showing and reminding us of both.

Anonymous said...

You are SO good at this....ever think of becoming a professional organizer? Sure could use your help and ideas! RuthG

Jennifer said...

As a girl who LOVES organization, I audible sighed when I saw the after pics. GOOD JOB!!!!

Diane said...

You have some awesome skills. You can come organize my house anytime.

ABandCsMom said...

Wow! That looks GREAT!

Lisa said...

Okay, you and I are most definitely kindred spirits when it comes to organization.

Your new closet system made my heart all warm and fuzzy. It's perfect!

Shannon said...

This is one of my favorite posts in blogging history! Few people can understand the need (not just desire) to have things neat and organized. (I get teased by nearly everyone I know!) It's posts like these that soooo make me want to meet you in person. I so resonate, even with the way you word your posts! It's like you're transcribing my brain. :) (I mean that as a compliment, not as something to scare you! :) )

I love the way this project turned out, and even more, I love the testimony and lesson that God is ALWAYS faithful! With each of our four kids, we've wondered (sometimes with agonizing stress) "how will this possibly work out?!" But God ALWAYS provides abundantly.
You're a beauty, Kristen, inside and out. :)

Tiffany said...

I love how you can take something so mundane and simple, like organizing a closet, and make it into a post about life. You are so wonderful. I feel blessed to know you.

Zoe said...

OHHHHHHH... what a beautiful closet! Seriously!! Lilys closet is lacking. Thank you for your entire post... I needed to be reminded of many of the things you had to say.