Niagara Falls Vacation: A Morning in the Park

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's hard to pick what my favorite part of this trip was, but definitely at the top of that list was the morning we spread out a couple blankets in the open grassy area of the State Park on the American side and settled in for a morning of socializing, laughing, and watching the children play.

The Hydro Babies
(left to right): Tyler, Elijah, Isaac, Elisabeth, Matthew, Cayman, and Owen

Diane and Tyler.

I love this next series of this...

Elisabeth spots the football Owen is holding (which I think he stole from Tyler anyways)...

And she steals it...

But uh-oh, Owen is not looking too happy about it.

However, Mike has his own opinion as to why Owen was upset about the football.
Listen closely...

Did you catch that? The color of the football is all wrong, Mike says.

Cayman loved playing with all the other kids. In fact she loved receiving all that constant attention so much that by the time we got home we had one very spoiled kiddo on our hands.

Cayman playing peek-a-boo with Elijah.


Megan and Cayman.

Cayman and Matthew (her betrothed) cuddling.

Apparently Cayman is not a one-man kind of girl because she was found cuddling with Owen as well.

Matthew was found playing the field too, as he hooked arms with Elisabeth and snuggled in close.

Cayman and Owen.

Cayman endlessly gave fist pumps to anyone who asked for one.

The group shot of the siblings.
I thought about sticking just my belly into the frame of the shot so I could contribute to the photo but decided to be less tacky and just wait for the next Hydro gathering that we have in a year or two then our kid can stand in for himself (or herself).

And there's the Hydro Mom's.
{Photo taken by my very talented husband...talented in electrical engineering that is. Not photography. I have been trying to give him lessons but that's too "crafty" for him. Besides, he says the problem is with my camera, not him. Right, Mike!}

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Tyler said...

I love this post. And from that last picture, we all know who the professional is in your family.

Good thing Tyler knows how to share his football and I hope Mike isn't offended by the colors. We really had no other choice of colors. I'm sure Travis would of preferred a red one also, but of course the red would be for the Cardinals.

I love the picture of Cayman cuddling with Matthew. She is going to be a great big sister.


Kristen said...


Don't worry about Mike. He doesn't get offended about that. He just likes to give people a hard time. Always cracking jokes he is. And to completely assure you of that, I will remind you that every doctor we place over Cayman's care all wear a white jacket with a big yellow "M" on it. Ironic isn't it? :)

Sara said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. I am soo sad that I couldn't make it. :(. Hopefully there will be another one that Kadyn and I can go to!

Tyler said...

I kind of got that joking vibe from him once I met him. I don't even want to know what he was video taping that last morning.


The Soldatke family said...


I loved this post for so many reasons. Every picture brought back such great memories. The pictures of the kids cuddling was so precious. I loved your take on putting your belly in the shot. You totally should have!! Your baby will be the first "younger sibling" of our hydro babies in the picture!

And absolutely love the picture Mike took! Hey, at least he didn't cut anyone's head off!

Still smiling from all the memories! Great times!!

The Soldatke family said...

Oh and I love the picture of Megan and Cayman!!

*Monica said...

What a great gathering!

Grandma S said...

Cayman sure likes the boys doesn't she? Mike's going to have to keep his eye on her in a few years.

Ann said...

Cayman's hair has gotten so long. And I've been away from blogging that all of a sudden she looks so grown up! What a beauty you have there Kristen! And Mike, I'd be ready to grill some young boys about their intentions. :)

Sherri said...

Oh, my goodness! I was laughing waaay too long about Cayman and Matthew cheating on eachother!! :) Hilarious!! What great photos and wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing!

Uncle Ty Ty said...

I believe I recall that I took photos of You, Mike and the Cayman in your backyard and my photos came out just fine. This could be due to the fact that accountants are smarter than engineers, or Tyson is smarter than Mike, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Lisa said...

So I tried leaving a comment during my layover in Denver last night, but something went wrong and it didn't work and I had to go catch the next flight.....

So I'm back again to try this today.

Those pictures are FABULOUS! You totally caught the whole experience perfectly. It was simply amazing to all be together, in one place.

That was hilarious about the football.....ha ha!

amy said...

how awesome! looks like a wonderful time!!

Sarah M said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you have such a great support system in place and that you all got to meet like this!

david, elisabeth's uncle said...

'playing the field'...that's funny :)

Tiffany said...

These are my favorite pictures by far!!!