Myrtle Beach Vacation Part 4: The Beach

Monday, July 19, 2010

I love my little crawling babe. She moved around the beach like she's always been there. So comfortable. So familiar.

She would not keep that crazy sun hat on for anything!

At the water's edge she clung tightly. The sand she loved. But the ocean, she did not find a natural bond with.

Grandpa made it onto the beach - once. For those that know Mark, know just how much of a big deal that is!

That is the face of pure enjoyment.

It was a sweet mommy moment for me.

The ocean air made Cayman's curly hair come alive! It was full of body and bounce. Simply beautiful!

See all the sand on Grandma Sue? That's there courteous of Cayman.

Cayman's sand toys.

Someone made this cool sand sculpture.

Sam getting swallowed by a wave.

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dswillis said...

The beach is awesome.

Jerry, Tia, Kaiden And Hunter said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I am so glad that you guys were able to get away from the stresses of life! I agree with Grandma Sue...looks like a much needed vacation every year!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cayman is loving the beach!

Tyler said...

All of the pictures are great! I love the ones with Cayman playing in the sand. Adorable!

I also had to chuckle a little when I saw the one with Cayman & Mike. She was really hanging on, it even looked like she was pinching his arm. I can see how the ocean can be intimidating.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Tiffany said...

I just got all caught up on your vacation posts! I'm so glad you went and that you had a great time!!

Diana Parker said...

I agree with Cayman about the water. I love the beach, and could spend hours there, but I have NO need to get in that cold water! It's lovely to look at, and that's enough!

Grandma S said...

The ladies in my class this morning asked me if I took a lot of pictures. I told them I didn't have to, my daughter-in-law is a professional photographer! They are great pictures.

I'm so glad Grandpa made it to the beach at least once if for no other reason than because then Sam had to try some seafood!

David said...

just went on vacation and you're taking another one in a couple weeks? stamms are living the good life!

The Soldatke family said...

LOVE the pictures...looks like I have some catching up to do. I've been working a bazillion hours so I can go on vacation!! I have read any blogs for 3 days and I'm having withrdrawls. Off to read all the rest of your blogs!

It looks like you had such a wonderful time!

Tara said...

I have to say having our own personal beach right here on the base is amazing. I love that I can go to it at anytime. And that it is CLEAN. Myrtle Beach looks amazing and I think I am going to have to put it on our to vacation to list.

Josephine said...

I LOVE Cayman's curls!! Absolutely adorable! And she looks just blissful playing in the sand :) What a wonderful trip for her and for you :)

Lisa said...

Wow, those are some awesome photo's! What a magical time you had!

I got a chuckle out of the comment about Cayman not leaving on her sunhat. That was Elisabeth....last year. But now she is so used to having her helmet on that she doesn't touch the sunhat when I put it on. So that's a good thing :)

Kacey Bode said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!! My babies have yet to go to the beach! Cayman looks like a beach lover for sure!! Her hair is SOOOOO cute, and she looks so tall!

Hannon! said...

Wow! What a great vacation! It looks like Cayman really enjoyed the beach!

She is so cute! we can't keep those silly sun hats on either! But, sunglasses... those are a different story.

Sarah M said...

I love the beach, too! How great that Cayman took to it so well and enjoyed it. The pictures are wonderful!

Colette said...

Oh dear...Senor Frog will think something was wrong with their food! lol :) Looked like a gorgeous place and so glad you all had a wonderful time! Cayman's smiles on the beach sums it up I think and she is so cute and adorable and looking like she was loving every minute on the sand! We are going on holiday to the States, starting with a road trip from LA across country over approx 5 weeks and ending up in South Carolina for Christmas and New Year with my fiance to be's mum and Myrtle Beach is one of our planned visits .. but even more so now after seeing your pics and that wondeful white sand beach, may even be where we chose to get engaged! It looks fabulous and we cant wait to get there even though it will be in winter! Cant be any worse than the winters in Ireland thats for sure! lol :) Love and prayers to you all, your such a wonderful and loving family! :)

Anonymous said...

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