Myrtle Beach Vacation Part 3: The Hotel

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Driftwood is a 75 year old hotel consisting of 3 oceanfront facilities. Much of the shores of Myrtle Beach have been rebuilt with new and big, fancy hotels. And while I would have loved a peak into some of those places {such as the Camelot by the Sea, oh so beautiful!}, staying at a simple, quaint hotel filled with age-old character was nostalgic.

Camelot by the Sea

We all loved the Driftwood hotel. And the location of it was ideal - right on the ocean front, a short walk from the boardwalk, restaurants, and shops.

Part of Mike's planning arrangements was to make sure we had a private balcony room overlooking the ocean.

Mark, Sue, and Sam's room was located directly below ours. We would have liked to have had our rooms side by side on the same level but other guest's reservations could not make that possible. Oh well.

On our first morning of waking up to the beautiful sounds of the ocean, Mike discovered if he leaned far over our balcony's edge he could peak below into his parents' private balcony.

And there he found his mom enjoying her early morning coffee, reading a book, still wearing her night shirt.

(I don't even know if Sue is aware that Mike did this and may possibly die when she discovers that I posted these pictures.)

The view from our room's balcony.

Mike and Cayman enjoying that beautiful view. I miss that view. So much.

The view of our hotel from the beach.

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Tyler said...

I love that view!! Beautiful!!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Molly said...

we stayed at Camelot!!! loved it! Does it still get lit up purple at night?

*Monica said...

What a great room! I had no idea that your husband was a creeper though. ha!

Grandma S said...

No, I didn't know Mike was taking pictures until he was done, and I asked Mark and Sam why they were laughing hysterically. They told me about it. You know you can pull almost anythng over on me. The only one more gullible is Sam. :)

We should make a trip to the beach a yearly event! It was such a good time.

I love the picture of Mike and Cayman on the balcony. It should be a post card.

Joyce said...

LOL!!!! As I was following along with the pictures, I'm thinking to myself if I were Grandma Sue I would be dying to have my picture in my night shirt on this blog. and then you said it:) I love it. The next thing I was thinking, is gosh I sure hope Mike does not fall off of that balcony leaning over like that. Cayman is so adorable sitting on that big be. You can just tell she loved this vacation.

Tara said...

I cant stop laughing over Mike's sneaky video!! I have to agree what a creeper lol!

That sounds like a wonderful place to stay.

Gabriella said...

This is so much fun! Reminds me of our trips to Wildwood, NJ with those quaint hotels/ motels!

Lisa said...

Picture perfect!!!

{note to self: If the Stamm's room is above ours in NY, make sure I look presentable at all times}


The James Family said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time!! You deserve it! My mom would kill Matt if he did anything like that! :) But then she would kill me for putting in on my blog! I miss you guys we need to plan a trip together sometime! :)
Love you and miss you!

Amber said...

How fun!!

I am curious.....for the last picture, what software did you use to add the text onto the image?

Kristen said...


I used Photoshop.

The Soldatke family said...

Beautiful pictures Kristen! I love the view you had for your room!

I, too, am a bit gullible and unsuspecting, and, like Lisa, will remember to be presentable at all times when we are in NY !

Sarah M said...

Looks wonderful. How great that you have a husband who is such a great planner. Mine is good for that, too, and it is such a blessing! I hope you can go back and stay at the Camelot next time!