Myrtle Beach Vacation Part 5: Eating

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have never experienced food the way I do when I am pregnant. If I get hungry for something in particular I just cannot get it out of my head until I eat it. I have always had my favorites but never in such an obsessive, dramatic way that when I sink my teeth into it, it leaves me near tears it's so wonderful!

I do experience days when absolutely nothing sounds appetizing. Those are my rocky feeling days. It's created a feeling of enjoyment over the cravings I get because usually I feel better after I eat the food of my up most highest desire. But my cravings change from day to day, making them largely unpredictable. While on vacation, having miles of restaurants available with a menu selection before me at nearly every meal was heavenly and oddly enough that is what I miss the most since being back from vacation. Sometimes the food stocked in our cupboard and fridge just doesn't always cut it.

This restaurant got me on an egg craving kick that week. So delicious.

We didn't eat at "Crabby Mike's" but we took Mike's picture with the sign because...well, I think you get it.

Hamburger Joe's was packed!! We waited nearly two hours before we finally had our food in front of us.

Sitting on the porch of Hamburger Joe's.

Hamburger Joe's was kind of like a country house - large porch, wood paneling, wood floors. And dollar bills covered the walls and ceiling. To count, it was currently up to $8,000.

Captain George's had a large buffet. Mostly consisting of seafood. Here I had a big craving for the crab legs but was careful about the amount I ate. A thing called mercury ya know.

Boat Buffet. How amazing does that look!

Cayman's face cracks me up! The look she has as she stares in bewilderment over the crab's it gets me every time!

Dirty Don's Oyster Bar & Grill. This was one of Mike's favorite places.

We ate at Senor Frogs on our last day there.

The most memorable {that does not mean most favorite} part about Senor Frogs was probably me throwing up in the trash can in front of the restaurant. And thanks to my husband, we have pictures to commemorate the moment forever!

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*Monica said...

Now that is a rare memory captured! Your post made me seriously hungry. I have never been to Myrtle Beach, but it is looking better and better.

Zoe said...

Caymans face cracks me up too! She is just toooooooooooooooooo CUTE! :D Myrtle Beach looks like and amazingly fun place!

Tyler said...

Oh, I was enjoying all the pictures until the last. You poor thing. But I am glad that you had all those options to satisfy all your cravings. I also love Cayman's face looking at the crab legs.

Did you guys add a dollar to the wall at Hamburger Joes?

Diane, Tyler's mom

The Soldatke family said...

Oooh, that last picture is not very poor thing..I hope it was before you ate so you could still enjoy senor frogs, and not after. That was the worst part of pregnancy for me, just random vomiting. I learned what foods I did not want to ever throw up again. I am so looking forward to the time for you when the nausea subsides

Lisa said...

Dirty Don's, Crabby Mike's, Hamburger Joe's, and Captain George's.....I see a theme here....I think they like to use first names in their restaurant titles.

Sorry about the throwing up bit. At least you were outside the restaurant, right?

Tara said...

I have pictures like that. Not that I really want anything to remind me how horrible I felt for those first 5 months. Senor frogs sounds like a yummy place to eat!

This post makes me want to go there just to see everything!

Sarah M said...

Sounds like a very yummy trip. Too bad that all of the food didn't have the same effects!

Hannon! said...

What a sweetheart!!!

Cayman's face got me too! She is so expressive and I could put a caption on that photo... "What in the world?"

I am so happy the family vacation was a success!

Sara said...

I finally caught up with all of your posts! It looks like you guys had an amazing time! I loved all the pictures! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh no!!! You threw up and Mike got it on "film"! Cayman's face is precious...she looks so grown up in that shot!