A Scooter

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In response to a recent request for another Cayman video (Sherri, I'm talking about you), I scanned through my picture files and brought forth this adorable one I took over the weekend.

What would you call this thing? A toddler scooter perhaps?

Whatever it is called, Cayman loves riding it down the driveway.

I get so much entertainment out of watching her do this.

**Update to yesterday afternoon's posting:
There really has not been anymore changes. Nothing is worse, nothing is better. I see that as a good thing over all. If the shunt has for sure failed we'd be seeing things worsening. But since it's not any better, it's possible that the shunt is slowly failing. That's happened before too. Or maybe things are simply okay and something else is bothering Cayman that is making her not feel quite like her typical self. The wondering is so exhausting I admit. We continue to watch and pray. Thank you for joining us in those prayers!

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Colette said...

Caymen and yourselves are always in my thoughts and prayers and I am making extra prayers that Caymen will get through this "blip" in her recovery from the surgery and that God gives you and Mike strength coping with the uncertainity at the moment! Thank you for sharing, and we really dont mind being on the rollercoaster of emotions along with you, can only imagine how hard it actually is for yourselves! My mum often told me when I was younger and feeling angry at my situatin that God does not gives us crosses to bear that we cant cope with, and that has always stuck with me, even now in adult life, I will remember that!
Love and best wishes! :)

Shannon said...

Love the pictures! We have that same scooter/walker for our kids...got it with our very first, and love it! :)
We continue to pray that whatever is bothering Cayman is minor and will resolve itself!

David said...

watch out for cars cayman!

Tyler said...

That is such a cute scooter and she maneuvers it so well.

Cayman, be sure to look both ways.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Jennifer said...

Cayman is so adorable...I loved her little laugh in the middle of the video!

That's called a ride-on push toy since the seat separates and can be used as a walker...but that's too complicated, so we call it a scooter too :) haha.

Cayman is in our prayers, and we hope she recovers from whatever is going on soon!!

Lisa said...

The best part of the vidwo is when Cayman looks over and says, 'ha!'......lol!! I watched that a few times :)

She is so coordinated! I am impressed! Great job Cayman!

{hoping that the shunt keeps pluggin' away!}

Tiffany said...

Praying as always!!

Gabriella said...

Loving her bare feet!

Sara said...

How adorable is she!!!

Melanie (Teagan's mom) said...

Thinking about you guys!

I *love* the little sound of glee and the simultaneous bopping up and down on the scooter! Cayman is adorable AND amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

That's some nice work! Her feet look good, too. Barbara

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this one??
She is too cute! That is awesome that she is able to ride her little bike. Miles is still workin' on it!

Amber said...

I have a VP Shunt as well, granted I am older, however I notice at times worsening CSF related headaches. My neurologist said this can happen if the tubing that channels the fluid to the abdomen bends or is up against something (i.e., mind always goes up into my rib cage). I am so impressed by your ability to handle every situation with such grace and poise. God definitely has His hand on your family.