Ophthalmology Appointment

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cayman's latest eye appointment has turned up the need for her to wear prescription eye glasses.

We've been giggling over the thought of how cute she's going to look in them. And we've also been scratching our heads in the wonderment of how we are going to get her to keep them on.

Her previous appointment to the Ophthalmologist (and I cannot believe I just spelled that word correctly without the aid of spell check) was in December. Since then her vision has decreased in her right eye. As her brain uses it less and less to focus with it has begun to turn in, giving her what we most commonly know as a 'lazy eye' (amblyopia).

She has been very far sighted in both eyes.

Now her left eye is lessening in far sightedness while her right eye remains very far sighted. The difference in depth perception between the eyes is causing the decline in her right eye.

And there's an explanation why.

Here it is...

She has something called a myelinated nerve fiber layer in her left eye. It's the continuing of the insulation wrapping that is around all nerve fibers. Normally this wrapping stops at the place where the nerve enters the eye. In rare occasions, this insulation continues enveloping the nerve as it passes through the eye.

Puzzled by this, I asked the doctor, "It sounds like a bad thing, but her left eye is doing so well in vision, so is this is a good thing for that left eye?"

He said, "It depends on which angle you look at it."

This extra layer around the nerve fiber has lessened Cayman's far sightedness in that effected left eye. While that is actually a positive thing when considering only that individual eye, it's a negative thing in account that eyes should work in pairs though. Her right eye cannot focus as her body favors the stronger left eye's vision.

Since she cannot focus both eyes together the doctor wants to try glasses to see if that helps correct the depth perception and hopefully prevent vision loss in her right eye.

If there is no changes with the glasses we'll move onto patching.

If that doesn't work he'll start talking surgery.

I feel I'm getting a small degree in ophthalmology now too.

Next up on the education list is otolaryngology, the ear doctor. In a week we will return to their office to do further investigation as to why Cayman's tympanogram continues to come back abnormally.

By the end of this very long, two and a half hour eye doctor appointment yesterday, my tired, loaded mind was feeling overwhelmed. On the drive home everything was rolling through my brain...

The eye sight issues.

The possible hearing issues.

The gross and fine motor skill issues.

The thumb issues.

The speech issues.

The shunt issues.

The cardiac arrest issue.

But with just one glance in my rear view mirror, the image of my little, pink Cayman buckled in the backseat melted the consuming stress away.

Even on the days when it's not always so easy, I can always say it's so worth it! Most of it feels quite small in light of the fact that she is still with us. That alone makes life sweet just as it is!

You will not find me complaining.

Overwhelmed at times, maybe yes.

But not consumed or defeated.

I am grateful for each way God has given me all the order and disorder, so that I might know both. Somehow He perfectly allows the disorder just long enough for me to realize and wholly appreciate the light, the courage, and the joy of each day.

My heart remains full of praise to my Lord that has blessed me in ways I am still learning new each day!

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Anonymous said...


Zoe also wears glasses for her right eye because her left eye is stronger, the only difference is that she is near-sighted. We also wondered how we were going to keep them on her face but her earpieces wrap around her ears and it can be difficult to take them off. A firm "No" also helps but Daddy's much better at that than I am. Now, she takes them off and hands them to us only when she's tired. It's also quite cute to see her try to put them back on. It's given us quite a few giggles.

Our opthalmologist also said that if she's seeing better with them, she's more likely to leave them on.

Zoe's are pink and purple. =) Too too cute. And when we're out in public, it's the one thing that we get the most comments on. In fact, I'd say it happens at least once on every outing. We've even had people ask how we knew she needed them.

Cayman's already adorable, I can't believe how much cuter she'll be in her glasses.

Tyler said...

I'm sure Cayman will look adorable in glasses. I can't wait to see what you pick out for her.

Diane, Tyler's mom

David said...

i think elisabeth has glasses too.

Lisa said...

Cayman will look ADORABLE in her glasses. Have you tried on any frames yet?

Hopefully she'll keep them on easier than Elisabeth keeps hers on. I only let Elisabeth wear hers when I am 'supervising' her because otherwise they are off in a second and she chews on them (yes, we have had to replace them).

Can't wait to see pictures!

Kristen said...


No we haven't gotten to the fun part of trying on lenses yet for her. We don't have insurance coverage for the glasses so we're still in the daunting stages of trying to find the right place that can accommodate a budget. As I'm looking into it further, it might be a place that does not carry them in stock for trying on. :( I don't like that idea but the places that do carry them are a higher price.

Decisions, decisions...

The James Family said...

Cayman will look so cute in glasses!! :) Hunter has glasses because of the same thing with his eyes. He has glasses when he was 2 and then we did the patch thing for a couple of years. I think he did better with his glasses then he did with the patch! :) Even if we did have to buy a few sets of glasses over just a few months! The last eye appointment he had the doctor talked about possible surgery for him but we aren't sure... we might just do contacts with him instead. Cayman will do great - can't wait to see her in her glasses! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh!! Little Cayman in glasses will be sooooo cute! I'm hoping that they help her enough that she will just want to keep them on. Don't be afraid of eye surgery if it is needed- it was a snap! I'm formally requesting another Cayman video soon :)

The Soldatke family said...

Can't wait to see her in glasses!! I feel the same way you do. I feel like Matthew has so many issues. When will it end? I get very overwhelmed thinking about it. Guilty I don't do enough for him, guilty that when I spend a lot of time with him, I neglect my other kids. I try hard not to think about it, but I just end up praying for grace. Grace for my less than perfect parenting. You are so wise, wise beyond your years with Cayman. You have a wonderful perspective on things that we all (or at least I know I can) benefit from.

Love you my friend!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful encouragement to others!

Who could not be encouraged by Cayman?!


Lindsay said...

I am sure she will look adorable in glasses. And hopefully will keep them on! Little Gwyneth at CF husband has cute pink specs. http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/

Sue said...

Keep looking in the rear view mirror...it's amazing how it only takes a 'peek' and all the things that seem to be overwhelming, don't seem quite so big anymore!! Actually I'm glad you have all these 'issues' to work through....that means that sweet little girl of yours is here, alive, well, and....ornery....yippee!!!

Kacey Bode said...

So that was all pretty interesting to me! My Hunter had to go to the eye doctor in March because he failed the screening at his well child check. He is far sighted in one eye and perfect in the other. They told me he has almost NO depth perception. BUT, he plays baseball, soccer, rides bike etc with no problems so I'm not really sure how that all works. We decided to wait 3 months and see if things change, so we'll see! Ella failed tymphanograms her first 15 months of life and had to get tubes in her ears, it ended up that her ears constantly had fluid in them. As soon as the tubes went in we were fine! She has had them put in twice now, and currently has one in and one out, both ears are currently passing!

Tiff said...

I can't wait to see her glasses!! I highly recommend WalMart and getting 2 pairs!! I can safely say this after going through 7 pairs of EXPENSIVE glasses last summer. ;)

And this? "But with just one glance in my rear view mirror, the image of my little, pink Cayman buckled in the backseat melted the consuming stress away." Just replace Cayman with Olivia, and you've said it perfectly!!