I am SO Excited!

Friday, April 30, 2010

I'll admit - I have an obsessive type personality.

When we moved into our current home, it was only a few days and I had everything unpacked.

And sometimes when I get involved in a good book, I obsess about it and nothing around home gets done until I have finished reading it.

Or when I've gone through my scrapbooking phases, it was weeks before I saw the bottom of the table again.

Or like when I was introduced to Gilmore Girls in their 6th season and I discovered the local library carried the complete DVD set. It took me only one month to watch all the episodes from the beginning starting with season 1.

Or like when I am hit by the writing bug, or cleaning bug, it's all that I do for awhile. But sometimes when the passion for these things strike, I do produce my best writings, cleaning, organizing, scrapbooking, etc. and I am left with a euphoric feeling over my great accomplishments. It's a type of satisfying productivity beyond compare in just any ordinary day.

Some of these obsessions are short lived. And then others continue on, without ceasing, like blogging for example. I have been hooked on blogging for over two years now.

There is another obsession of mine that just doesn't seem to die either. The art in taking pictures. I would use the word photography but truthfully, there is more of a finesse in that, and where I am at right now the phrase 'taking pictures' feels more fitting.

This obsession of mine has been in full bloom for the past six months and continues to deepen a passion within me. The more I learn the more passionate I become.

This past winter I took engagement photos for friends of ours. We had so much fun and I loved playing "photographer" for the day.

I created a watermark using the word photography behind my name for posting the images on the web. It was exciting to see such a title next to my personal name but it felt strange too. The level of perfection that I place over this artistic field would say that I have not quite earned that title yet. But a watermark that says "Kristen Stamm Photo Taker" doesn't sound so elegant, does it?

So I keep working.

Keep learning.

Keep perfecting.

I've searched the web, joined a few photography forums, and even taken the geeky step of reading my camera's manual *eek*.

It was about a half a year ago I lost my training wheels, a.k.a. the automatic mode dial. For 6 months I have been learning to power my camera by my own knowledge - shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to meter the shots the way I want them to turn out.

I've also been blessed to have befriended some professional photographers that have been extending their help to me. I even had the honor of assisting one in her studio, a newborn twin photo shoot. Oh la la, it was amazing!

And I've volunteered to take the cast's photographs for a local community theater.

With all of the reading, experience, and education I have gained thus far I have learned that I know very little about photography. That intrigues me...and intimidates me too, a flaw of character of mine that with maturity I am learning to harness and not let it stop me from achieving my dreams.

Back in October, I wrote about this pursuit of a dream - the dream to be a professional photographer.

Maybe it'll happen someday.

Maybe it won't.

But it's truly not the title of Professional that I seek. There's many definitions out there of what a true professional photographer really is and how to achieve it. But what I seek after is the love and enjoyment in the ability to capture life and do it well. It's been fulfilling to do it for my own family and the dream of doing it for others, well that only gives this passion more life.

This dream of mine has been building for months now until my dear husband finally told me, "Kill the fear and just do it already!"

I love him so much for that!

So I am thrilled! I feel like I can take my 'photography' to a whole new level and I can't wait! I have butterflies in my belly as I write this, announcing that I am in the stages of building my Photography Portfolio (Ah that's exciting for me to say)!

Will you let me take your portraits?

By helping me build my portfolio, I am waiving my session fee and will give you a $50 print credit . And if you wish to order additional prints I'll even give you a great deal on those too.

**This offer is good while I am building my Photography Portfolio and is subject to change at any time. Then the price of my sitting fee will take effect and all photo purchases will return to full price.**

Send me an email to book your session now:


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic Photos!

Grandma S said...

I'm going to need pictures of my new grandbaby and all of my babies together. Maybe you can work out a good deal for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! The pictures look professional! You do a great job :) I would consider you doing engagement pics......if I ever get engaged. ha ha!

Molly said...

love the second photo! SO sweet. and the colors of their shirts look fantastic against the snow.

Now if only you were in NYC...

Cayman's Daddy said...

I'm so proud of you Kris. You are going to be an Amazing photographer!

Tyler said...

I have always been impressed with the pictures you take, so I know it won't take you long to learn all the tricks and for you to be able to call yourself a professional. You are already a professional in my eyes.

Diane, Tyler's mom

K said...

Great job on the pictures! I wish James and I lived closer so you could do some of us.

Michelle said...

Go for it! I'm very excited for you, pursing a dream is always worthwhile and your pictures are always great.

Lisa said...

ummm...yes!! You are amazing; you are a 'real' photographer. Why else do you think I hired you to take our family photo's in Niagra Falls? You know I am picky and only like the best.....and your portraits are always THE BEST!

I am so excited that you are taking the next step. So many families are going to be blessed by the memories that you will capture with your camera.


(since I already booked a 'session' with you will I get to take advantage of your offer? :) )

(one more thing.....you watched ALL of Gilmore Girls in one month? I am SO impressed! )

David said...

looks like lisa just beat me here. she's super excited for her niagara photo session

Shannon said...

Yay, Kristen! I'm SO excited for you!! Your pictures are phenomenal, and I know they'll continue to get more polished as you learn more! Wish we lived closer so we could help with your portfolio (though I think we'd be the lucky ones in getting some fantastic pics!)

*Monica said...

What a cool thing!!!

Tiffany said...

SIGN ME UP PLEASE!!!! I would love to be in at least one picture with my children! :) Any time, any place, you name it and The Townsends will be there!!!

You are amazing already...and I appreciate all of your help in my pursuit of becoming a good "picture taker"! :)

Katie said...

I am VERY excited for you. VERY. I am ultra proud of you. REALLY!!
I understand being scared. (I always loved photography, but my business started out of a need. When Lilah got denied disability and our bills began to increase drastically and insurance wasn't covering it all..I took a leap of faith to help my family. I will admit to my ability needing to improve. I will admit to knowing I am not the best. Nor will I ever be. What I strive to do is give my clients what "they" want, not what I want.)I was frightened beyond words when someone asked me to take their portraits the first time. To be honest I get butterflies in my belly when I take photos each time. I love doing it. I want my clients and friends to be happy with what I give them.
I know that you will do an amazing job. YOU are very talented Kristen. YOU are going to make a HUGE name for yourself. I am very proud of you. GO MIKE for encouraging you!

Gabriella said...

That is super! You are inspiring me to follow my dream too!

Sarah M said...

I'm so glad to hear you are moving forward despite your fear! I think you will get so much out of this! I was thinking about having you do pictures of Kiah and Simon when we come in to visit in June. i don't know when yet but will let you know.

Congrats on this big step in life!

Kacey Bode said...

Okay, great! I'll be looking forward to you coming out here to take pics, ha ha!! I wish!

Krissy said...

You are so talented, Kristen, and I KNOW you will EXCEL at this! We would LOVE to have some family portraits done, so maybe we can make a trip out your way this summer!!

Sheila Smith said...

I have to say, this post makes my heart happy! This seems like the most perfect thing you could be doing!! I wish I were out there closer, I'd be booking you for a session with my kids! Maybe some day.... :) Praying many blessings upon you as you start this new adventure!

Josephine said...

These photos are great, and I'm sure your photography business will just take off from here! Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

I know you don't know me but my name is Shannon. By trade I am a graphic designer/artist plus photographer. If you need any help setting any thing up.... contact me. smkdesigns@hotmail.com also you can see some of my work at ketchsmsdesigns.com. I love your photos. There great!

Katie said...

I was thinking. If you don't already...I edit my photos in Lightroom...its a version of photoshop. Makes workflow faster. Its worth the cost. They have several free downloads to try the programs right now. I am HOOKED on lightroom. Also, they are on FB and give great editing techniques. Good Luck girl :)

Ann said...

I'm with Kacey. You need to come to Washington to take pictures. That is before I move to Alaska. Then you'll need to come to Alaska! You do beautiful work!