Cayman's New Ride

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I know what you might be thinking...

"It's the wrong car seat!! It's not suppose to be pink and brown. What happened to the pink, purple, and gray one?"
Well, I know I had written very specifically about having my eye on that one.

But it's a long story.

And quite frankly, it's not that interesting so I'll spare this post of boredom.

And leave you with just saying that I think this pink and brown pattern is working out beautifully. Not only because it truly is gorgeous in person but because Cayman's dirty smudge finger marks (from eating snacks on-the-go, how cute is that?) is better hidden in the dark brown than it would have been in the light gray.

After all, isn't half of smart parenting in knowing all the fancy "tricks" to disguising the messes our children can make?


I love the built-in cup holders. On the long trip to Ann Arbor this week I placed Cayman's bottle in one of them. When she got thirsty, it was conveniently at her fingertips.

However, she thinks it's way more fun to throw the bottle across the vehicle than to gently place it back in the cup holder. To those of us sitting in the front seats, that's another perk of her being rear-facing.

10 Showin' Comment Love:

Grandma S said...

Cayman looks like she posed for that first picture. She's becoming such a ham!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty (the carseat, too). Very functional. When does she get to turn around? Looks like her feet will soon need more room. Barbara

Kristen said...


The goal is to keep Cayman rear-facing until she turns three. We wondered about the leg room too. The car seat safety lady said kids just bend their knees or sit with their legs crossed.

Sara said...

Awwws! She has a new car seat too! YAY! Kadyn doesn't use his cup holder either, what fun is that lol!

*Monica said...

As a mom of a front facing kid, I understand projectiles being flung willy nilly. I recently had to move Jack to the middle instead of behind me. He thinks feet in my kidneys are funny!

Just wait till Cayman improves her aim

Lisa said...

Well, I love the pink and brown too! She's riding in style!

Tiffany said...

Anything that hides dirt wins at my house!!!! She is so cute...I love the way she looks at you...she loves her Mama!!

The Soldatke family said...

Glad to see you got her new ride installed!! It's super cute!

And glad to see she's still rear facing!! That is so important for our kiddos. I hope the word gets out there that ALL kids need to rear face as long as possible!

Beautiful pics, as always!

Tyler said...

I love the new seat and the super cute colors. Love the idea of it hiding dirt better. She is definitely riding in style!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Becky said...

Way to go doing your research and keeping your little beauty rear facing! My (very big!) boys were rear facing to age 3 when they hit the rear facing weight limit on their seats. I covet the MyRide and wish It was available 2yrs ago so my boys could have rode rear facing longer!