Happy Easter

Sunday, April 4, 2010

God is very much the strong foundation that guides my thoughts and actions. Because of Him I have those precious silver linings in every dark cloud. I think they are His ways of letting me know that He has not forsaken me in this broken world. Every blessing that has given my life color and meaning comes from Him.

And it's what we celebrate on Easter that has every thing to do with who I am and the building blocks of the single most important event that my faith is based upon.

So, I will step away from the daunting intimidation that I first felt when I considered writing this, to share a little about what Easter means to me.

This is simply going to be my heart and why I feel deeply moved at this time of year...What personalizes it for me, this one child of God.

I feel humbled and amazed that one such as I can enter into a personal relationship with God Himself. Me...the girl who struggles with so many things that grieves His heart...has been given a position of honor in His family.

Because of Christ, I don't have to go through a high priest to get to God.

Jesus, who is sinless, loves perfectly, and without condemnation, sacrificed everything He had so that I could be given it all.

He created every thing beautiful and good that I experience.

He is...The lover of my soul.

The one I will some day see face to face. And all I will be able to do is fall on my face and cry "holy, holy, holy!"

He is so mighty yet I have the privilege of approaching with no fear...only great awe and reverence.

He cares about every thing in my life. And I will forever remain astonished by how much He delights in me speaking with Him. He loves it when I pour my heart out to Him and leave my worries with him.

Jesus made this possible through His terrible suffering and death. An eternity together awaits us because of His resurrection.

This is why my heart rejoices, my eyes mist over, and my smile is brighter than usual this time of year. It's me reflecting on something that might seem bizarre to believe, but I know without a doubt to be true.

Because, you see, "sickness and struggles are not the end of the story for those that know Jesus. Because we believe in a God who heals. We believe in a God who saves...no matter what you're struggling with our sufferings are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed in us." (quote from Josh Wilson)

So today, I will bow my head and pour praises out over and over as I count the greatest blessing of my life...the gift of eternal life with my Lord!

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Anna said...

Eloquently said.


Diana Parker said...

Love your post about the risen Lord and all he has to give us. God bless you and your family!

Katie said...

I have ALWAYS loved that song!