The Shiny Silver Lining

Monday, March 22, 2010

I once read that difficult times are like a cloud when it passes overhead and blocks the sun. When you look at the edges of that cloud you can see the sun shining there, illuminating its outline and that is what they call the silver lining.

"Every cloud has a silver lining." -Phineas T. Barnum

It's one of my most favorite poetic sentiments, proclaiming that even the gloomiest situation contains an element of hope or consoling aspect to it.

The people that inspire me and I draw strength off of are the ones that so brilliantly can find the silver lining in their storms. They have sort of a simplicity and happiness that is appealing. They're always looking on the brighter side even when facing some of the most dire of situations. Their hearts never become tainted by their pain. Even when they weep, they never despair. The pain and hurt they feel comes naturally, but suffering from it is an option.

I look at them, admiring the way they collectively hold their thoughts steadfast, and think to myself, "I want to be like that."

So I strive to know that kind insight to my life. It seems to be that it's most about perspective and mindsets, which hold the potential to turn us into dwellers or find happiness from the storm.

In my personal journal, dating as far back as 1998, I have made an effort to document the silver linings in my life. I've written before, how my journal is an avenue, guiding me to stay focused and concentrating on what God wants me to do with each day.

The first person that ever inspired me to do this was a guy I was dating back in high school. I am forever grateful to him for showing me the value our written words can have.

I cherish my collection of journals I have kept over the years. They're my heart in written form. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, I strive to know emotional stability in my days, just like the people I look up to and admire.

I'm far from perfect at it, just as I know those that I hold at high esteem are not perfect either, even if it seems like it to me. And when I'm feeling down and their degree of maturity feels unreachable, I have to remind myself that they have their days too.

Growth and maturity does come in strides.

On this week, I've pulled a couple of my journal entries out from their archives to share with you.

***come back tomorrow to learn the silver lining of living with my in-laws. :)

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Valerie said...

so....i'm pretty sure you wrote this for me today.
I thought I was coming to see that silver lining and now I'm back to the struggle of the black cloud! Thanks for your message to me, even if it was intended for me!! :-)

Valerie said...

oops, even it it WASNT!

Anonymous said...

You know me...I'm a silver lining girl! I can't wait to read this always!

Lisa said...

All I can say is 'wow'. That was simply bautiful.

I whole heartedly (sp?) agree with everything you said. Life is not about the trials you face, but about how you face them. There is always good to be found.

This is a lesson that I try to teach my children on a daily basis. We go over this concept over and over and over again. Especially during their little pouts and tantrums about how they 'don't like what's for dinner', or that 'so-and-so won't play with them'. I don't tolerate complaining over pointless things and everytime they do, they hear a lecture from me about counting their blessings and looking at the glass half full. ( I have my little speech memorized....and they do to....if only they would live by my words now! :) )

Anyways, this was a lovely post to read on a Monday morning. Puts me in the right frame of mind for the upcoming week.

Looking forward to reading your journal entries!

Carla said...

ok, I MUST know about your silver linings when it comes to living with your in-laws. We rent a small house on my in-laws farm & have had ALOT of dark clouds since day 1. I will be tuning in!

Gabriella said...

I come to your blog because I feel YOU have found the silver lining in so many of life's challenges. YOU are like those people you look up to and admire! While you look to others, we look to YOU for that lining daily. God bless!

Kristen said...


Thank you! Today has been a little dreary for me, so your words were an extra dose of sunshine for me! Thanks!

KajnBlonde said...


I am like Gabriella, because I am in awe of you in how you seem to handle your day to day challenges.

Your words seem to flow so beautifully and easy. You truly do have a gift, and your words are the silver lining to a lot of us.


SuzanSayz said...

What an uplifting and inspiring post Kristen. I sometimes need help remembering to always count my blessings. I have such a blessed life, but there are still times when i find myself soaking a little too long in my "if only things could be better" tub. Thanks for a timely reminder!