Long Sunshiny Days Have Returned

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a warm and sunny week. Spring is definitely on its way. And the best part about the time change, even though we lost an hour, it means that the evenings feel longer, with the sun still shining bright. So after we've eaten our dinner and the table is cleared, there is still enough time to enjoy a gorgeous walk outdoors.

Ahhh...it's beautiful!

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Sara said...

Kadyn and I have been walking everyday since it's been nice. We go to a beautiful park and enjoy the sun, water, and nature!

Lisa said...


You must think I am a total blog stalker!

The reason I knew about this post was because I was at my mother in laws blog and she has a blog list on her sidebar. I saw your blog listed and it said that the title of your newest post was 'Long Sunshiny days...' but then when I clicked on it there was a different post there (the grilling post). So I was just a little confused....but now I see what happened :)

Anyways, I LOVE having it stay lighter later. It is absolutely glorious. No evening walks for our family this week though. I had a rehearsal on Monday night and a concert on Tuesday night. Then Donald worked late last night. And now I have rehearsal tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday morning with a concert Saturday night. Whew....

I'll make it through the week though...and then next week will seem so relaxing. And then maybe, if the nice weather holds up, we'll get to go on a few evening walks as a family too!

Grandma S said...

Oh boy, you can see by the look on Cayman's face that you're going to have a hard time keeping her in the house this summer. I can see a little temper tantrum coming anytime she wants to go outside.

The Soldatke family said...

We were outside most of the evening last night, it was SOOO beautiful. We had to enjoy it while it was here because today and tomorrow, we are supposed to get SNOW again.

I have officiallyh sent my "break-up" dear John letter to winter, but he is not listening!

Tiffany said...

Us too!!! Being outside until 7;30 -- Love it!