The Winner from my 600th Post

Monday, February 8, 2010

THANK YOU (sincerely) for all of the wonderful comments on my 600th post. I want you to know how blessed I was by reading all the sweet words.

It left me feeling completely awesome about sharing our journey...

And about my hats. I had no idea so many liked my hats.

I was truly filled with joy by the number of names that went into this giveaway. The response from so many has left me thinking that I just might do more hat give aways in the future, so stay tuned.

And now, onto announcing the winner!!

Drum roll, please.








Congratulations to


Please email me with your address and we'll start chatting about what kind of hat you want.

11 Showin' Comment Love:

uncle ty ty said...

Gretchen?....thats a wierd way to Spell Tyson, huh...

miss you guys, see you in a few weekends

Grandma Cindy said...

Congrats to Gretchen!!! And XOXOXOX to our beautiful Cayman!!!
Ummm ..... did you forget Cayman's picture in this blog? Just checking. NEVER get tired looking at our gorgeous little girl.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Gretchen!! And we do LOVE your hats!!! Olivia and I were cracking up this morning as we went to put hers on that you made her...and it wouldn't fit over her giant pigtails! She thought that was just too funny! ;)

Katie said...

Congrats Gretchen!

Cayman's Daddy said...

I demand a recount!!!!

Rashel and A.D. said...

Hope u get better soon! :)

SuzanSayz said...

SIGH! I knew when I saw just how many comments you had gotten that my chances were VERY slim. Oh well, I am happy for Gretchen. And I am all for MORE Hat Winning Give Aways!

Ann said...

Congratulations Gretchen!

Now how do those of us who didn't win go about getting a hat? ;)

Michelle said...

Aw poo! I take a break for a week from the blog world - due to back to back blizzards! - and I miss a hat giveaway? Ah well, congrats to the winner. And how big is Cayman getting?! She's just looking wonderful!!!! I just can't get over how far she has come from so many surgeries in the beginning to just blossoming into an amazing little girl!

Lisa said...

Yay for Gretchen!! I had read her comment yesterday and thought it was so sweet...and true! This blog is very inspirational :)

Kristen said...


The way I have been selling my hats has been accepting payment through Paypal. I make them according to the clients specifications and then mail them out. That simple.

I really do need to get a website designated to my hats so people can see examples and prices per style.

I will jump on that as soon as I get over this terrible head cold I'm fighting. My head feels like it's in a fog right now.

But if you want me to email you some pictures or if you have a picture of hat something that you have in mind, email it to me and I can tell you if I'm able to make it.