Talking on the Phone

Saturday, February 27, 2010

She doesn't speak a word but listens oh so quietly. And if she hears the familiar voice of one of her grandmas, a smile stretches across her face and sometimes even a little giggle leaks out.

So precious.

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Tyler said...

How sweet. Tyler is also mesmerized by the phone. But he gets almost a confused look on his, like 'why does this thing sound like grandma.'

Diane, Tyler's mom

Grandma S said...

It won't be long until she's asking for a phone of her own but not to talk to her grandmas--it will be all of those boyfriends.

Grandma Cindy said...

Aunt Maddie will have to inform Cayman about those "boys" - right now Madison says "boys are YUK" - if only that would last several years.
Put us Grandmas on speed dial and teach Cayman to call us:o)


Amy J. said...

I love how she craddles the phone in her hands!

Grandma S knows all too well how quickly these little ones grow up! And in these digital times they seem to want those phones even faster! :)

Valerie said...

I'm really missing Cayman's pretty little smile!!! And her mommy too!! We're headed on a vacation this coming Saturday but I'm thinkin' when we get home we need to get together for pizza or something!! What do u say??

Katie said...

I love this!

I think a video is in order.

I know it would have to be timed...but have a grandma call..mike from the other room...and let us all see her cutie patootie grin.PLEASE! :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew and I will have to call her soon! ;)