Let's Feed that Baby

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I dedicate today's post to Grandma Sue (Mike's mom). I am certain this story will tickle her pink.

Sue has a special little attraction for that Gerber baby.

Starting way back with her own kids, every time a Gerber meal was served, she always held the spoon up to the picture of the Gerber baby on the label and said, "Let's feed that baby too." And she would alternate bites between the real baby and the pretend baby on the label.

Sue has continued this little meal time tradition with her grand kids, starting with Sidney, then CeCe, and now Cayman.

Oh the laughs and jokes we have made as we've teased Sue over how dorky this is. And the fantastic person that she is, she'd laugh right along with us and never stop making sure that that Gerber baby got fed too.

Well yesterday, Cayman was sitting on my lap as I fed her an afternoon snack of Gerber Pears. She's typically wiggly and doesn't sit still. So at first I didn't think anything much of it when she kept leaning and fidgeting on my lap. Then I began to notice she kept fixating her attention to the jar of baby food I was holding. More specifically, she continued to lean around to stare at the right side of the jar. When I looked down toward the direction of her gaze, I saw that Gerber baby.

I burst out laughing and turned the Gerber baby toward Cayman so she could look straight on at it. She stared at it and then you won't believe what happened next...

I fed that baby.

Oh no, I have joined the ranks of the dorkiness.

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Cayman's Daddy said...

Now we just need Cayman to learn to feed the Daddy!

Beth said...

How sweet!! And what a sweet post for Grandma Sue!!!

Grandma Cindy said...

Not dorky at all. You and Grandma Sue are just introducing the magical world of pretend to Cayman. That is wonderful! Will Cayman feed the baby if you gave her the spoon? XOXOXOXO

Kristen said...

Yep, Cayman will put the spoon up to the Gerber baby too.

And I couldn't agree more, that it is a perfect way to open up the imagination to pretend play. But you know, we just HAVE to give Sue a hard time about it. :)

Stephanie said...

Sweet, Sweet , sweet.

Amy J. said...

You are just NOW reaching the rank of dorkiness!? I can't believe it!? :) I reached that point LOOOOONG ago.

I love when silly (but cute) traditions get past down. John'n dad always called diapers "dyedies" and I thought that was funny until I started having kids and now we use the term too. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it you dork! ;)

Lisa said...

Video! Video! Video! We must see you feeding the Gerber baby :)

Great story.

Now we'll see if I can ever feed Elisabeth again without thinking about the little hungry gerber baby on the front of the jar...eagerly hoping I'll give her a taste....lol!

Grandma S said...

For those of you that know Mike, this probably explains a lot, but if you think I'm a dork, you should meet Mike's dad!

Katie said...

awwwww....LOVE this!

Just adore the entire story!!

Sara said...

1st I must comment on those Pj's...I want a pair too!!!

Second..That is the cutest thing with the Gerber Baby. I wish I could get Kadyn to be interested in eating foods!