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Friday, February 19, 2010

High priority on my list after Cayman's diagnosis was finding other families traveling similar journeys. I wanted to soak in their wisdom, listen to their guiding knowledge, and feel the comfort of being understood.

Our Early Intervention service coordinator gave me a list of names and numbers, pages filled with families that I could call and connect with. But that list shifted its weight around our home. It first found a place pinned up on the bulletin board. Then it moved to the coffee table. Then it moved to the front of our refrigerator before it finally found itself permanently buried in a file folder.

That's right, I never called a single number. That is the hardest step for me. I'm not typically a phone person nor are new social endeavors my forte.

I could never come up with how to introduce myself or what to say. It felt entirely unnatural to bring myself to connect with a complete stranger on such personal ground. It made the weight of those buttons on my phone just too heavy for me to push. So I never could get past the intimidation of making that first, ice breaking phone call.

But lucky for me, I was still granted my heart's desire. When I started this blog I had no idea the avenue it would open up for me to meet other families like I hoped for. Now I have a blessed network of friends with blogs of their own too. I have found there to be great camaraderie in this blogging thing.

And yesterday was a beautiful, sunshiny day when I got to spend a few hours in person for the first time, with one of these dear blogging friends I just spoke of.

Meet Tiffany...

a bright, beautiful lady inside and out, that raises an amazing little girl (Olivia) that brought her to "Holland" nearly nine years ago.

Tiffany and I have a mutual friend (which is Mike's cousin, Allison) that we met through and found her house to be a great gathering place yesterday for our own little mommy play date.

Tiffany has more pictures on her camera, maybe I'll share those later.

But here's a few of mine...

Cayman and Matty (Tiffany's son)
See Cayman's hand up on Matt's head?

She has an obsession with touching heads and hair. Thankfully, Matt didn't seem to mind.

And here she is trying to touch Anderson's head (Allison's son).

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Sue said...

I am so like you in not being a 'phone person', and meeting new people is also hard for me...but having the same 'connections' and support is such a good thing. You are lucky to have so many blogging friends that have similar situations as you do so you are able to blog, and then really already 'know' them!! Even those of us with different medical situations have so benefited from you and your blog and for that....thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

So glad I have met you and your family here! You have a generous and beautiful heart and child.

I've had the pleasure of meeting blog friends in person and it so neat! Hehe, I've told my family "I'm going to meet someone I met on the internet."


Anonymous said...

It was a WONDERFUL day!!! I don't have my pictures downloaded yet...but will soon!!! It was so great to meet you and Cayman and I can't wait to do it again!!

I'm still cracking up at Matty saying "She's kinda heavy!"

Thank you!!

Kristen said...


I told Mike that story too. He smiled and chuckled a little but not quite like us three ladies did. Maybe it was one of those moments when ya just had to be there for it. I still laugh when I think of it! So funny!

Gabriella said...

I think it's amazing to see Tiffany holding Cayman. Look at how distance through internet actually brought two families together! So sweet.

Mom & Grandma Cindy said...

Better head and hair than eyes.
So happy for you ones finally getting to meet in person. How FUN!!!

Mary said...

You lucky lucky girls! Apparently all the cool kids live in Ohio. I think its funny that so many blogs I read live in that general area.

Sara said...

I love the last picture. It's precious! It is so great to make new friends and be able to come together. It's easier to talk to adults who are going through the same thing we are. :) I'll be in Ohio for a year ;) if you need anything, I don't think I am too far away...:) I am excited for the fair this summer!!!

Katie said...

YAYAYAY! For friendships!

I would LOVE to meet my blogging buddies in person. How fun would THAT be.

I can't even imagine!!!

The Soldatke family said...


I'm so glad you had such a fun time!! As long as Cayman remembers who her boyfriend is, I think all is well!! :)

I'm so thankful too for friendships I've made through the internet! I cherish each and every one!

I think some people that know me IRL think it's weird that I have "internet friends". Seems funny to me because it doesn't feel weird. It's just normal!

Lisa said...

So fun!!! I think the connection that we have all made as mothers is just phenomenal!

And dare I say that I am a bit jealous of Tiffany??? That she has gotten to meet you and Cayman in person. :)