Christmas Review, Part 5

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our final Christmas celebration was at Mike's parents' house with them, his siblings, and our nieces. It's tradition that we all pack our bags and sleep over the night before our Christmas gathering. That way we all get an Eve and Christmas morning experience together!! It's perfect!

Well, hey look at that, there's Tyson, my brother, among all those Stamm's. He joined us for the families' festivities. Just like a stray cat, the Stamm's fed Tyson once and he keeps coming back.

It's become another tradition for us to play the game Loaded Questions. I am convinced that no other family plays this game quite like the Stamm's can. We laugh so hard every time I don't know how we don't all pee our pants.

CeCe, caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Look at that sweet and innocent Sam. She thinks she's been good this year. And it's probably true!

It touched my heart watching Sidney and CeCe lovingly help Cayman open her gifts and carefully show her each one.

CeCe and Sidney modeling the hats I made them.

Cayman does not typically like stuff animals. She may look at them but she will never touch them. So imagine our surprise when she held this Glow worm closely and stared in wonderment at its softly lit face.

A Cayman snowglobe.

Cayman got Band in a Box, which is a box filled with all kinds of musical instruments. I think it was her favorite present. And by the look on her face in this photo, it appears to me that she doesn't want to share with her cousins, who also enjoyed the instruments.

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Lisa said...


Lisa said...

ha! I laughed when you refered to Tyson as a stray cat. That was hilarious.

Also, I wonder if Cayman still laughs uncontollably at the sound of paper tearing?

If so, she must have had a good laugh with all that unwrapping going on.

Congrats to Ohio State on their big win yesterday!

David said...

merry christmas one last time :)

ohio st. did great!

my word verification is tenesps

Josephine said...

It looks as though you had many wonderful Christmases this year :)

Jennybell said...

Naomi got the band in the box last year and I still don't think I've let her play with the triangle. The tambourine is well worn!
My mom is from Erie Co. OH, lots of Stamm's there

Anonymous said...

Love the Cayman snowglobe

Tara said...

How awesome! I love family gatherings. Although mine live far away we do wonders with our stand in family. And we have a blast. You should see us play some of the games we play! We laugh so hard it is insane!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm starting to think Tyson may as well be part of the Stamm family......hmm, how can we make that happen??? :-)
Anyways, we are enjoying following your Christmas journey!! Looks as though you had a joyous one!!
Isnt it awesome how families just have certain games that they claim?? The Rice's definately claim the game of spoons! Matter of fact I'm about to post the video on facebook. It remained pretty calm tonight though!!!

Grandma S said...

I missed CeCe's hand in the cookie jar. It's a good thing Grandpa didn't walk in! And Sam being good all year--I don't know about that. :)