A Sneak Peak at Mike's Closet

Saturday, December 5, 2009

By the number of comments that come through about Mike's wardrobe, I am guessing everyone has noticed that he is always wearing Ohio State attire. It is true. And the minds of those that have noticed it are so curious as to what his closet must look like. Well, I am giving you that opportunity to take a peak at his monochromatic wardrobe.

But first I have to tell you, I feel a little devious about this post. Mike does not know I am writing about this. He did not even know I took these pictures today. He thought I was only putting away laundry. Plus he's so use to me straightening up his messy drawers and closets he did not suspect a thing that I was getting his space picture ready.


Enjoy the peak.

The closet.

T-Shirt drawer.

Pants Drawer.

The Coat Closet, full of Hoodies.

Even his shoes reflect his Buckeye pride.

What can I say, the man loves his Buckeyes and he loves to dress comfortable. The two define him perfectly.

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Tyler said...

This post cracked me up. Red, red and more red; literally from head to toe. But did I see a yellow shirt in that shirt drawer? What's up with that? At least Mike looks good in red. Go Buckeyes!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

David said...

that is hilarious! puts me to shame. i have precisely one clothing item from my alma mater.

Jennybell said...

For out of staters that might seem odd, but that is the norm around here! Isn't a state law that we HAVE to each own a red OSU hoodie?
When we went to Pigeon Forge on vacation we went to Dixie Stampede and ended up sitting next to a couple from outside Columbus. We were seated to cheer forthe Northerners , but felt torn. The north colors were MI colors and the south wore OSU colors!!! And both our families noticesd and thought that was hillarious!

My name is Sarah said...

Holy Brutus, I think he has us beat!! I am going to show my Dad. I think he is going to be jealous:)

Lisa said...

So I missed this post.....and this morning I was talking to David on the phone and he said something about Mike's closet, and I was so confused, because I didn't know that you had put the pictures up yet.

So I had to come right over and see for myself.

That is incredible, and just as red and grey as I imagined!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee!! I love it!! I knew he had to have a lot!! Does he have OSU stuff he can wear to work??

Kristen said...


Mike works at a candy factory and they wear uniforms so we doesn't get to wear any of his Ohio State clothes to work. They are strict about outside clothing coming into the factory. He did wear his Buckeye jersey for part of the day on the Friday before the Ohio state vs Michigan game. :)

Katie said...

wow. he does LOVE them!

Ryan said...

I'm more impressed that everything in Mike's closet is so neatly folded! There is no possible way that Mike actually did that himself....

Kristen said...
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