A Lesson in Banking

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love watching Cayman play with this Piggy Bank. She can put each plastic coin into the slot all by herself. She is amazing at it! I could watch her play with it all day, but instead I will happily accept the two minutes of which is her span of attention runs for this toy. It's the best two whole minutes!!

Not too long ago in fact, this toy was not so accomplishing for Cayman as it is right now. The precise fine motor skills it called for was a challenge for Cayman's hand to eye coordination.

The first time Cayman was introduced to this toy was about 3 months ago when she was 17 months old. There was another little girl present, only two months younger than Cayman. I demonstrated just once on how to put a coin into the piggy bank. That other little girl walked right up, took a coin into her hands, and then slipped it into the Piggy Bank's slot. Wow, she caught onto that quickly! To be honest, her ease of understanding this toy's concept astounded me.

And now, 3 months later, Cayman has gained the coordination and concept too. I find myself just astounded again! I love watching her play with this toy! Did I say that already?

Take a peek at her newly gained accomplishment...

Isn't she so smart for depositing her money? (pun intended) :)

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*Monica said...

I thought she put a little back to spend later, but she decided to save it as well. Good job, Cayman!!

Tyler said...

She is so smart. Way to save your money, Cayman.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Beth said...

Love it!!! Great job, Cayman!!!

Grandma S said...

I agree, I could watch her do this all day too.

David said...

i love how she thought she was finished and just sat there for a few seconds, then noticed the one behind her and added it lol

i think you should pledge to do a giveaway of some sort!

Lisa said...

You're right, it not only takes the hand eye coordination, but the whole concept needs to be understood.

Elisabeth has neither of those yet. If I were to show her this toy she wouldn't know that it was even supposed to be a toy. At best she would reach out and touch it, but never ever would understand that she should pick up the coins and put it inside. Whew...we are far from that point.

So, yes, Cayman is AMAZING! She is conquering milestone after milestone!

By the way....I like David's idea for a pledge...ha!

bridget said...

I love her little feet moving while she's doing it. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Violet has the same piggy bank and also thoroughly enjoys it.

Loved the video!

My name is Sarah said...


Zoe said...

Adorable! :D

Anonymous said...


Onward and upward. Any 'new' toys she has not yet mastered? Perhaps we will see video mastery along about Valentine's Day, eh?

I've been wondering if Santa might see fit to drop some Cayman-sized chairs and table down the chimney....


Jiey^Mien said...

I'm Jiey Mien, from Malaysia..
I've just landed here..
Nice blog you got here.. :-)
I'm so amazed to see how far Cayman has reached..
She's beautiful and so smart..
FYI, I'm a mother to a hydrocephalic 18 months old baby boy..
he was diagnosed with 'holoprosencephaly' which leads to hydrocephalus..
I'm so glad that I've found your blog.. It is really useful.. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful things here..