Sign Language

Friday, December 4, 2009

The trend of teaching a child sign language caught on after the release of the benefits it has for a child's language skills.

My niece Sidney (now 6 years old) was the first baby I ever saw use sign language. It was the cutest thing ever, watching her sign and communicate before she even knew how to talk.

I wanted to be no different as a mother and teach my children early on how to communicate too. That desire only amplified itself after Cayman's diagnosis.

And today Cayman used another sign for the first to communicate to us.

She was playing on the floor happily until she broke out into a wail of complaints and sadness.

"What do you want, Cayman?" I asked her.

With her tiny little hand, she flicked her wrist in her own version of the sign "potty". I checked and sure enough, she had a dirty diaper. It was the first that she had used that sign to let us know she needed changed.

I praised, and praised, and praised her some more for a job well done! And then I explained to her that if she would ever want to let Mommy know "potty" before she goes, that would be even more helpful. :)

Other signs Cayman has learned and communicates on her own are:

  • "Eat"
  • "More"
  • Waves at "hi" and "good-bye"
  • Is a "high-five" a sign?
  • "Hold me"

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Lisa said...

This is phenominal! Great job Cayman!

Carey and Jon said...

Awww Go Cayman!!! :)

Teri D said...

Not only beautiful but intelligent too!

Josephine said...

What a smart little girl! Well done!

Tyler said...

Oh my goodness. My jaw dropped with excitement as I read this post. I can not believe what a smart little cookie she is. Way to go Cayman!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Lindsey said...

I'm not certain that a high-five is within the sign language dictionary, but I would consider it a sign for Cayman! (Anything for that sweet smile, right?) My reason being- that it's a successful communication of "Yay- well done!" :)

High-fives all around- to Cayman and her parents!

Michelle said...

That's so awesome that she is communicating so well. I have always been a big advocate for signing with children, even before I had a deaf child. I was actually working towards getting my interpreters license for ASL when I got pregnant for Owen (how weird is that to then have a deaf baby?). I taught Sammy how to sign and she was able to sign long before she could talk, and she talked very early. All of the studies show that learning to communicate early via signing will improve their ability to communicate later when their voice catches up. And obviously we sign with Owen - that was his only form of communication for the two years before he was implanted, and he still expresses far more signs than he does words.

Way to go Kristen for being a great Mommy and Cayman for being such a great learner!

Anonymous said...



The James Family said...

That made me smile... after a hard day today - I had something to rejoice about! I'm so proud of Cayman she is VERY smart and your an awesome mommy!! I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work Cayman!

Jennifer said...

WOW!!! That is SO awesome!!! Way to go Cayman!

Mary said...

OK I have to say I'm super super impressed and a bit jealous. Riley just turned 3 and really could care less about his diaper..clean, dirty or otherwise. So first lets celebrate that she has the body awareness to know she was messy and wow she told you about it. Way to go Cayman!!! Party at your house tonight!!

Kacey Bode said...

Awesome job Cayman!!!

Ella too has used sign. Unfortunaetly the school district (she's in public school now that she is 3) does not use it at all. Ella does have a lot of word approximations, I understand her, but most do not, luckily her aide is starting to understand her. It's so frustrating though because she has quite the expansive vocabulary in sign, she doesn't use it nearly as much now though since they don't at this school : (

Got your message that the hats are done and on the way, HOLY SMOKES you are lightening fast!!! I am SOOOO excited, I will send you lots and lots of pics!!

Give Cayman a kiss for me!!

Sara said...

It's so great that you are signing with Cayman! I'm signing "wonderful" here!