Christmas Review, Part 3

Thursday, December 31, 2009

On Christmas Day, later in the day, we joined my extended family for their Christmas celebration.
For the past several years, our family's Christmas get together has been at my cousin Linda and her husband, Nate's house.

I love coming to Linda's home. Just like her mom {my Aunt Carol}, Linda has that special eye for all things decorative and fanciful. Specifically, she has a distinguish love for Christmas trees and there is one around every corner in her house.

Here are some of them...

If I could have gotten it to fit, I would have stuck this one in my van and taken it home
as well as
this clock (see below)!

I just love it and I have a specific spot on my living room wall that could use a beautiful clock like this!
That's the start of my Christmas list for next year.
(*wink, wink* Mike)

There was so much yummy food!!

This is my cousin Angela and my absolute best friend from my childhood. Even though we lived many miles apart, we were always close. She is also my very own personal wardrobe consultant. She has kept me from being a fashion don't. If I ever look trendy, it's because of this cherished girl.

Sweet little baby Piper asleep in Aunt Linda's arms.
My how she's grown since Thanksgiving.
And just to clarify, "Aunt Linda, I am referring to Piper." ;)

And now Piper is getting some cuddles in with Grandma.
You know how babies are at gatherings like this...they get passed around frequently. We all want our chance to enjoy that sweet baby smell.

This is a funny picture.
"Why?" you might be wondering.
Well, because it's a picture of Tyson taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him, while he's taking a picture of get the idea. :)

We're kind of a rather large group and the poor shoe racks just couldn't hold up.

Traditionally, we play the Gift Grab game with a different twist on it each year. For example, in the past we once had to buy something that was blue and started with the letter "P". This year, the assignment was to make an ornament. I forgot to take a picture of the one I made but it looked similar to this one (see below) which I also knitted. The one for the Gift Grab though was a deep fuchsia color and the cables were slightly different.

Daddy and Cayman, playing with their electronics again.

*There are two more parts left to our blessed Christmas celebrations. Stay tuned!

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Cayman's Daddy said...

You didn't take a picture of something? Now what did you do with my wife!

Anonymous said...

Hope Cayman is feeling better than yesterday. lol - Cayman's Daddy's comment.

Without the love and true intent to carry out that Christmas tree (and clock) I believe that is called 'coveting'. *wink*

I badly need someone to help me dress. Barbara

Anonymous said...

I love being a part of your Christmas through your blog. How fun!! And I almost came home from our extended family celebration with 4 more boys...5, 3, 3 and 6 months!! I would collect them like you would Christmas trees!!

David said...

the last picture reminds me of the one lisa took of donald playing with his itouch. what kind of electronics did mike get?

a christmas tree at every corner? i love it! is a gift grab where everybody just takes one and it's luck of the draw?

David said...

i was just thinking, you've got a lot of pictures left to post if you're going to share all 800!

Lisa said...

oh la la! those are some of the most gorgeous tree's I have ever seen! My favorite is the white one!

Kristen said...


Pretty much that is what the gift grab game is. We also play that someone can steal another person's gift instead of opening a new one.

ALi said...

Glad you "clarified" your statement. 8o) Love ALL your posts. Especially when Cayman is in it. I ALWAYS look forward to when we as a family get together at Christmas. What the 12 Days of Christmas. Thanks for creating "blog" memories for me. Love to all! xxoo to Cayman.

Sara said...

Simply amazing :)