Road Trip to African Safari that is.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you ever have those moments when you try to schedule a get together with some good friends but something always seems to keep coming up instead?

That is how it has been for us lately with our friends Nicholas and Valerie.

For weeks, maybe even months now, we would all make plans and set a date to get together. But as the scheduled date drew nearer, the timing just was not right. So the get together was canceled and rescheduled, only for it to happen all over again.

We found the solution to that dilemma though. It's called spontaneous plan making. So when life is too busy or unpredictable to schedule anything out in advance, spontaneity is the solution, I do believe. Or it so happened to be for us this time around.

Valerie contacted me on Saturday and within a few short minutes we had a road trip, get away planned for the very next day. It was the perfect break away for our two families....a chance to get out and feel some of life's stresses melt away into a fun filled afternoon.

The Stamm family

along with

The Rice family...

Nick, Valerie, and their daughter Ashalyn

All traveled a couple hours away to Port Clinton, Ohio to enjoy what was our first adventure through an African Safari.

It was so much fun!!

Allow me to take you on a multi-picture tour of our gratifying day.

On foot, we followed the walking paths to view some animals.

We saw the liveliest bunch of Apalacas, running and play fighting...

We saw a very stinky and ugly Worthog...

An exquisite peacock...

Some silly ducks...

And a Putty Tat.

Then we got back into our vehicle and entered the drive through safari.

From the rolled down window we were allowed to feed the animals from the bucket of food purchased at the gate and carrots.

I was amazed at how unfrightfully the animals came right up to the vehicle.

And ate out of our hands.

On the contrary perceptive belief of this picture, that is not Mike feeding Cayman's hand to the deer.

The deeper into the safari we traveled, the bigger the animals became.

We saw the Buffalo up ahead but thought, "Surely they don't come right up to the vehicle like the deer do."
Oh how wrong were we. As soon as the Buffalo spotted us, they trotted eagerly toward our vehicle in search of food. It did not take us long to button up all windows and doors tightly as we watched these large creators get closer and closer til they were right up on us.

This look on Cayman's face is priceless and pretty much speaks the scared but amusing feeling we all felt from being surrounded by animals that could swallow us.

Poor Nick...we forgot to warn him that the passenger window cracks open this much automatically and there's a trick to getting it to remain shut. What a shock that was for him when he rolled his window up and it began to roll back down all on its own, all the while a huge buffalo is trying to stick its head inside of the vehicle. (lol)

A Longhorn that forgot to have its morning V8.

The Giraffes are my favorite. I could watch those incomparable animals all day.

After the Safari tour we found a perfect dining area for our picnic lunch.

Cayman's first Dorito.

We threw bread down to the seagulls.

Daddy handed Cayman a slice of bread for her to toss. But she decided to keep it and eat it herself...until it was time for us to go and then Mike tossed the remainder of the bread to the birds.

Cayman watched, so sadly, as the birds ate her slice of bread.

Mike bought us ice cream on the trip home though and that made Cayman happy.
That smile just melts my heart.

Ashalyn was a perfect little girl all day. And look at that adorable face. Couldn't you just stare into her pretty eyes all day?

After dropping off the Rice family at their house, there was just one more stop to make.

The car wash...

To get rid of all that animal slobber.

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Jerry, Tia, Kaiden And Hunter said...

Sounds like a great day to be had by all! Glad you could all finally get together. :)

Cayman's Daddy said...

I still feel like i need to sanitize my hands...

Lisa said...

Wow. What a day! What a fabulous, adventurous day!

You did a great job documenting each and every moment...I almost felt like I was there too!

The funniest part of all had to be the picture of Mike trying to feed Cayman to the animals....ha! It really did look like that :)

David said...

is that one of the great lakes? michigan or erie maybe? i don't know my geography too well in those parts.

an african safari in ohio? that is awesome! what a fun place! you tawt you taw a putty tat?

i feel sorry for the poor buffalo who wanted food and you shut your windows on them! :( lol

how long does it take to compose a post with so many pictures?

Tara said...

Oh I love all of the pictures. I can't wait for our staycation. Were planning lots of fun stuff and one of them happens to be the wild animal park here that we can do the same thing! Im excited. Im glad that you were able to get away!

Anonymous said...

Spontaneous is the best!!! I'm so glad you had a good day. I'm sure your friends felt the same. Thinking of you all!!

The Soldatke family said...

Wow!! That looks like that was fun!! I enjoyed the tour! The best fun I've had all day!

I love giraffe's, too!! They are so beautiful!

What a great way to spend a Saturday. And so nice to get together with friends again!!

Amy J. said...

What a cool place to go. Isn't a blast to take our kids to a place that just tickles them with happiness. I too love the expression on Cayman's is pure enjoyment.

Carla said...

I LOVE that Cayman smile!

My name is Sarah said...

Oh Cayman you and your friend are so cute. I remember a few years ago my mom and grandpa took me there too after Cedar Point. I FREAKED out when the animals came up to the car. My mom is laughing because we did the same thing afterwards - the car wash:)

Bree said...

I love the picture of Cayman smiling. She is a beautiful little girl and I love looking at all the cherished memories you have captured of her through your pictures. Great Job on the posts you have done lately they are very fun to read!

Tyler said...

What fun!! I love all the pictures, especially the one where she is looking back and has a scared look on her face. It's like she's saying, floor it dad and lets get out of here. I'm glad you guys finally got together with your friends.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Aunt Sam said...

Looks like so much fun!! Cayman and Ashalyn are so adorable!! :)

Anonymous said...

We visited a similar park here in Texas last August - very fun! (Have to note that was NOT a Texas Longhorn.)

Our lives are becoming more making-plans in the immediate future, too. Barbara

Katie said...

A great adventure indeed!

Ann S said...

Looks like you are at the Miller Ferry Line at Catawba Island! Hi! This is Ann S, and I work at Spangler's. I started following the Blog through Mike. Love to read about your beautiful Cayman. Catawba is where our lake place is at, and we've been lucky enough to visit African Safari a handful of time...whenever we have friends up that we like to impress :o) Glad you had a grand time! Keep up your blogging!

Jennybell said...

We've never been there, we live about an hour south of Sandusky and my grandparent lived in Huron but we've never been there!
There's also a place in Berlin Ohio, if you're ever in Amish country. It's Rolling Ridge. We've never been there either and it's only about 45 minutes away! Sounds like we go nowhere!
We've been to Kalahari twice :)