Mike's Golf Clubs

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mike won a brand new, shiny set of golf clubs in a drawing!

He was so energized by receiving his new prize that he wasted no time taking them out to the golf course when he got off work. However, there is less than an hour of day light left by that time. The manager at the course had just closed everything up for the night. Mike just wanted a few hits, just a small opportunity to play with his new toys, even if it was only for a short while. The manager was such a nice guy and let Mike do just that.

Mike swung his new clubs until the sun went down.

*** A following-update on Cayman: She seems to be feeling just fine. I think her middle-of-the-night sickness was nothing more than just some sinus drainage that irritated her tummy.

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Katie said...

Men and their toys!!!hehehehe

How awesome he won some clubs!!!

Cayman's Daddy said...

Daddy was (and still is) happy!

Tara said...

Im so glad that Cayman is feeling better!

Congrats to Mike on his new set of clubs!

Josephine said...

I'm sure he was a very happy man :)
I'm glad to hear that Cayman is feeling better too!

David said...

what a fabulous prize! i think i would have wanted them to stay looking shiny and new at least for a day. he must be a hard core golfer!

i wrote a post months ago about how i hate word verification lol but since people are spamming, i'll tolerate it ;)

Your favorite Mom-Out-Law :o) said...

And they are "RED"! Congrats Mike!

Uncle Tyson said...

Mike - Light or dark out, I'm sure your game is the same. At least in the dark you can pretend it went straight.

Kris - Do you have excel 2007 yet?

Cayman - hope your tummy feels better, you mommy's cooking has made be sick before too! miss you

Lisa said...

And they are red! That's his color!

Glad to hear that Cayman is Okay. And may I say that I love your pajamas! So cute and classic.

Sara said...

Men and thier new Toys! hehe. I am glad Cayman is feeling better though!!

Sherri said...

Mike cracks me up! That was an awesome thing to win. I am so glad Cayman is back to herself :)

Tyler said...

My husband would have also been ecstatic. I love how the bag and the head covers are red too. You know he will always match his clubs now. It's good to hear that Cayman is feeling better.

Diane, Tyler's mom