An Evening Walk

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We were feeling cooped up after recovering from our nasty head colds so we decided to get out for an evening walk.


The air was warm...

The sky was clear...

The fallen leaves were crunchy...

It was a perfect evening for a stroll to, none other than our favorite local ice cream shop. There is only a few more weeks left before it closes for the season. We have to savor its yummy goodness now.


I ordered my favorite; a Butterfinger Flurry.

I forget what Mike ordered. He picks something different each time. He likes to become familiar with the whole menu. Not me. I know what I like and I stick with it. I do get my chance to dip into variety though because I have a giving husband that will share a bite or two with me. And of course I share with him, but I make sure the bites are my size not his. :-)

And Cayman, well she eats from both of ours. She will get her own someday when she can be trusted not to throw the ice cream on the ground.

On the walk back we took an extra loop around our block.


We talked about the fun projects we have completed on our house and all the goals for the upcoming ones. Being outside, the most obvious home improvement project we thought about was the curb appeal.

I am intimidated by landscaping, but when I think about all the pretty flowers, blooming trees, and the fresh life it would bring to our monochromatic house, I feel brave enough to get down and get dirty. But for right now it's just talk. Maybe next year the budget will let these plans give way to real tangible results.


6 Showin' Comment Love:

Katie said...

I LOVE your home sweet home!

When you get ready to plant....let me know. We have done the landscape for all three of our homes we have lived in. We have learned the good, the hearty, the terrible,etc. I am here to help...anyway I can!

Tsquared417 said...

What a great night!

Tyler said...

Your home is so cute. I hope you have better luck in landscaping than I do.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Lisa said...

Your home is beautiful. I love white houses. There is such a classic feel to them; so homey :)

Your evening walk seems perfect. I love things like evening walks, but it seems like Donald and I are entering the phase of parenthood where it's go-go-go; leaving little time for such luxuries. I don't think we have anything on the calendar tonight though, so perhaps we will follow your lead and head out and explore our neighborhood as a family :)

I can't wait to see what you do with your landscaping. I am sure it will turn out perfect....just like everything else you do! You are seriously one talented gal :)

(the pictures look great!)

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see what you do.

Tara said...

Evening walks are so much fun. For me though it proves to be a little hard seeing as how we live very close to the freeway.. So driving is more of the way! Yay for ice cream though!