Christmas Cards

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mike and I were married in the month of April. I had lots of dreamy ideas for our little life together, including places to travel and traditions to keep.

Christmas being my most favorite holiday, I wanted the tradition of sending out annual Christmas cards for our family. The December month before our wedding, I shopped the clearance aisles for the marked down Holiday cards. And that first Christmas we were married in 2004 I sent out our first annual Christmas cards.

In 2007 I broke our tradition. We were living in Indiana. I was 6 months pregnant with Cayman and still very nauseous. Mike had turned in his resignation after accepting a job offer in Ohio. We put our house up for sale, packed up and moved into my in-laws' home 160 miles away. Life was busy and chaotic that I failed to continue our 'Annual Family Christmas Card'.

In 2008 I broke the tradition again. Mike lost his job and money was too tight for purchasing cards and postage.

But this year, 2009, has been a year of rebounds for our family. Cayman has had only one surgery this year, compared to the seven she had in 2008. We are happily settled in our current residence without another move in sight *knock on wood*. Mike has a stable job that he loves. A steady income. We are slowly, but surely building our nest egg back up after last year's repercussions. And I am determined to not let another year slide by without our 'Annual Family Christmas Card' tradition.

So this year I am on top of things. Thanks to my blogging friend Tiffany I am able to continue our Christmas card tradition without breaking the bank this year. I won her giveaway for free custom made greeting cards, and I am designing our family's Christmas cards from scratch. I can tell you it's not going too well. I know very little when it comes to digital design. The cards might not turn out fancy or by far challenging to Martha Stewart's designs, but by golly, The Stamm Family will have a Christmas card in the mail this year!

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Tsquared417 said...

I'm so glad you won so you can start up your tradition again without breaking the bank!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they will be jusr PERFECT!
Believe it or not Madison was just talking about when we put up the tree just last night. :o) What can I say...???....I train my girls well....if only I could somehow train their husbands to at least realize Christmas really starts at the first frost not December 14th. XOXOXO

Tyler said...

I am sure they will turn out great. You have such creativity.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Lisa said...

Kristen, so ironic that you wrote about this today. Just last night I was soaking in the tub (because that's what I do after the children are in bed) and thinking about Christmas. And I was thinking about it almost being October and how it was time to start the Christmas prep; things like list making and family Christmas portraits, and things like that (which are best not left til December). Anyhow, Christmas cards were on my mind last night (and I have an idea for our picture that just makes me giddy), so I was happy to read your post and see that I am not the only crazy one planning ahead!


The Soldatke family said...

Wow, you are really thinking ahead..I'm the girl who's heading to Walmart the week after thanksgiving to pick up the photo cards that I made from a picture just taken that morning! You go girl!

Zoe said...

I'm sure that you will come up with something Beautiful! :)

I try and do the same tradition. Last year after learning about Lily's dx and the world-wind surronding her birth I too, failed to get our cards out in the mail. I have Vowed to continue the tradition this year! :)

Katie said...

I, too, LOVE Christmas. It is my favorite holiday of ALL!!

I love to send Christmas cards and get them. I put each and every one on the back of my front door so we can see the love from family and friends during the season.

Now you've got me thinking....what to do this year!

Sue said...

OH, are talking Christmas, no, no!! That means it will be even colder than it was today....and I have been freezing all day...I am a July person, so I am shivering all the time!!! You are so creative....your cards will be great....I have no doubt about that...have fun designing them!!