Cayman's 1st High School Football Game

Friday, September 4, 2009

It was Daddy's old hometown
(where he grew up)
Our new hometown
(where we live now)

Hmmm...who should we cheer for?

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Monica said...

that might be the best picture ever!!! Sooo, who did you cheer for??

Sarah said...

How cute!

Katie said...

So sute

Kristen said...


We actually had times where we cheered for both teams.

At different times in the game, we sat on both sides of the stadium, since we knew people from both sides.

While we sat on our new hometown side we cheered for them. When we sat on Mike's old hometown side we cheered for that team.

It was a win win for us.


The Bontragers said...

Go Bluestreaks! :)