He was Thinking of Me

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I was in the kitchen cooking lunch. I heard Mike open the front door and declare his presence, "Honey I'm home and I brought you something!"

He quickly scurried into the family room, whipped out his work laptop, set it before my favorite spot on the couch, so over his lunch hour I could have a brief recovery from my withdrawals.

What a thoughtful man!

"Thanks Mike!"

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Beth said...

That's awesome!!!!!

Shannon said...

What a great hubby. :)

Uncle Tyson said...

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Cayman's Daddy said...

Did Uncle Tyson just start a blog in your blog's comments. That is the sure sign of iwantabeablogeritis.

Tsquared417 said...

That is the sweetest thing in the world! I hope your computer comes back soon!!

Anonymous said...

copying and pasting does not count as blogging.

Sarah said...

He is very sweet!

Tyler said...

You are one lucky lady, what a great husband. I hope your computer gets well soon, I don't think we can take another Siesta from Cayman. I also love the picture from the previous post, you are teaching her so well.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Grandma Cindy said...

HMMM "BBB" & "BB"??!!?!?!?! :o)

XOXOXOXO What could Cayman Be????

Oh I know Beautiful Baby

Monica said...

Does he have an unmarried brother?

Ann said...

What a sweet guy! Way to go Mike!

I was so excited that you noticed my blog makeover. I've been wanting to do something for a really long time but just now got around to doing it. Thanks for the sweet comment!

The Soldatke family said...

What a nice guy...Steve just teased me when miine broke...get well soon computer!

Lisa said...

Thoughtful indeed. What a wonderful husband :)

( I just read Uncle Tyson's comment.....so funny!)