Cayman Crocs

Friday, June 12, 2009

Did you know that there is a Croc style called "Cayman"?

Naturally, we are a huge fan!

Right now, there's an awesome deal on kids' Cayman Crocs. $9.99 with free shipping on these styles:

High School Musical



Pixar Cars

Bob the Builder
Go to this website and check it out!

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Michelle said...

Wow, Sammy needed a new pair of Crocs and what a great price! And you just can't beat the name :-)

Katie said...


How'd the garage sale go?

Kristen said...


I feel the garage sale has been successful. Yesterday, it rained most of the day, but we still had lots of customers and lots of sales. The first 3 hours was non-stop customers dressed in their rain gear and carrying umbrellas. Now that's some pretty serious, die-hard garage saler!

Aunt Maddie said...

How many Cayman crocs can you buy with you garage sale $$$$?

The Garage Sale Helper said...


The Soldatke family said...

Very cute! They are sold out of Matthew's size though. Too bad!

Stephanie said...

So cute. Which ones with the beautiful Cayman Cindy being sporting?

Kristen said...

Cayman already has pink crocs. Her feet are so petite though, the chunky crocs don't stay on well. I'm thinking crocs will fit better when she's older. I hope they will be in style then so she can say she's wearing "Cayman Crocs". :-)

Katie said...

I am glad that the sale went well.

We are only allowed to do a garage sale when the entire community does assoc. rules just stink....which ends up that we get no customers because there are SO many houses included and buyers normally go to the more expensive houses first. So, we did a sale once.

I remember our first garage sale when we were selling our first home. We did very well!

How did Cayman like all the visitors? or did youhave an extra helper to help with Cayman?

I'd bet if Cayman was there she was a big hit and helped get the items sold. Did she bargain well? Did she negotiate fairly?

Kristen said...


Cayman liked all the visitors at our garage sale. She laughed, smiled, and clapped her hands for them all. It was a 3 day garage sale. I had help from my mom and Mike's mom. My mom had several items in the garage sale as well as my older sister. We sold a lot! It was perfect! I am excited to take my earnings and buy a few more things for our house. Little by little, our house is becoming apart of the 21st century.

Lisa said...

Those are great shoes! My girls have been wearing their Disney ones for 2 years next month! (how have they not grown out of them? It's a miracle!)