Video, Day 8 ~ Reaching, Throwing, and Banging

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cayman is going through a "throw the object over the side" stage. Meaning, when she is in her high chair she likes to take the toys or food and drop them over the side. She does the same thing when she is in the car seat. We always have to be cautious when we open the side door of the van that no toys fall out unnoticed.

In this video, it's dinner time, so Mike and I are sitting at the kitchen table. Cayman has already eaten so I have given her a Gerber Graduate snack to play with. She will never eat them. She just pushes them around like she does her toys. I don't think she is convinced that it's food. She has always been reluctant to new textures. So she just picks them up and tosses them to the side.

About half way into the video Cayman starts to bang her hand against her plastic hammer.

"Bang" is another word she recognizes. She has known that word for many months now.

How she came to know that word was during every feeding time she would always lightly tap her hand against the bottle while she drank. I would always say, "Bang, bang, bang" with each tap. She was probably only 6 months old when she started to recognize that word and would begin to tap the bottle if we said "Bang" first.

Now, because "bang" began as a word when she tapped her hand against something that is what she does. I have been trying to teach her to pick up the hammer and when tapping it against something also means "bang".

So for a little bit, in the video, all she does is "bang" her hand against the hammer. Eventually she does pick it up and "bang" it against her tray before she sends it flying over the edge to join the rest of her stuff on the floor.

I also want to point out how Cayman is sitting forward in the high chair. That's something new. She's getting stronger where she can support herself better than just always leaning back against the chair.

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Michelle said...

Ah normalcy! Both wonderous and frustrating :-) It's great that she's playing the throw it for Mommy to go get stage - even if it does drive you up a tree. It's even better that she is learning to follow commands! Way to go Cayman. And have I mentioned lately just how cute she is?

Monica said...

ha! We call that the "pickup"

She is looking so strong.

Tsquared417 said...

YOu are all such an adorable trio!! I love the "pick up" never gets old for them! And I love how Mike is trying to get her to do must be a Buckeye thing...that was both of my boys first "signs"! :)

Amy J. said...

Oh yes...they learn so very quickly how to "play games" with mom and dad. :)

The Soldatke family said...

Cayman sure is improving with her head control! What a big girl! And oh do I ever hate that game of pick up...but in this case it is so nice to play that game, isn't it!

P.S. I'm gonna work on my post that you tagged me for. I will probably do it tomorrow or Friday...we've had a busy, busy week

Lisa said...

lol....that Cayman is always doing the cutest things!

(I love Michelle's comment about normalcy!)