Video, Day 7 ~ Rock Band

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did you know that Mike is in a band?

He's quite talented!!

Sometimes he's the lead singer, other times he's the drummer, the lead guitarist, or he even plays the base guitar a little. He could be a one man band if he could do it all at the same time.

He could probably even sell albums if only his skills went beyond the Rock Band video game. :-)

It's true, my husband is a Rock Band nerd, and he would not be ashamed to admit it! Ok, maybe a little embarrassed.

I have discovered there's others out there like him. In fact they came over one night and Mike and his buddies played Rock Band for 5 hours!!! That has got to be a Rock Band nerd record!!

{I just love giving them a hard time about it}

The video I share with you today is Cayman watching her Daddy's performance in Rock Band. She is, without a doubt, his number one fan {next to me of course}.

Cayman is completely mesmerized by this video game. I think she likes the movement and lights that flash on the TV screen. Every once in awhile when she allows herself to blink and break the hypnotic stare of the "notes" floating by, she will kick her feet to the music.

At the end of the song, when it's all over, we cheer and Cayman claps. I'm sure you have noticed by now that clapping is her favorite thing.

Mike then sings the beginning line of:

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

Cayman knows that song. I have yet to get a full video of her clapping her hands and stomping her feet to it. Hopefully soon though. You know how kids are, they don't always perform when you want them to. So I need to be prepared for whenever she is in the mood.

Happy Birthday to Grandma Cindy today!!

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Grandma Cindy said...

Cute!!! Do we get to see Daddy in a video being a Rock Star?!?!? PLLEEAASEE expose that precious baby to other good music too :o) Sorry Uncle Tyson that does not mean rap. XOXOXOOXXO

Grandma S said...

What's with the feet up in the air again?

Sara said...

How adorable! Kadyn does the same thing when Harvey plays guitar hero. I tried playing....I am not correlated enough.

Tyler said...

So cute...I love how she kicks her feet!!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Monica said...

Happy birthday Grandma Cindy!

Tsquared417 said...

That is precious! Happy Birthday Gramma Cindy!

Lisa said...

I think that she wants to get up and dance!

And how appropriate that she is wearing an 'I love Daddy' bib!