Sidney & CeCe

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have two beautiful nieces. {a.k.a. Cayman's cousins}. These girls are so much fun to take pictures of!

Sidney - 5 years old

Cece - 4 years old
Cayman is a lucky little girl to have such fun cousins to play with. The girls love holding Cayman, kissing her, and comparing the sizes of their hands and feet.

However, I am not sure if CeCe will be as excited to hold Cayman again after last weekend's family reunion at the Lake.

Cayman's diaper leaked onto CeCe while holding her. A combination of being grossed out and having no nap that day, CeCe started crying. She was so mad she would not even look at Cayman when we said our good-byes a little bit later.

Cayman's feelings weren't hurt though. She found CeCe's crying to be quite humorous. Cayman watched with bright eyes and let out a laugh that came straight from her belly. Which gave us all a chuckle, except CeCe, who remained less than amused.

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Katie said...

Those two are cute! Those are GREAT pictures.

Photography in your future???

I LOVE that Cayman has a great sense of humor. That will come in handy as the years progress!!!

Aunt Sam said...

I think i have the 3 cutest nieces ever!! :)