Video, Day 5 ~ Touchdown

Friday, May 1, 2009

We have been trying to teach Cayman to do the "Touchdown" signal for months! {you know, where you raise both hands up into the air}.

This is an action she is not catching onto very well. At best, she will only raise one arm, which is still quite cute. The problem is she rarely will do even that.

Through her reactions though we see that she does recognize the word "touchdown". She will smile and even look up waiting for us to put our hands into the air, but typically her reaction is to clap her hands.

It does not matter how many times we demonstrate the "touchdown" signal or put her arms through the motion for her, she will always clap her hands when we say "Touchdown!".

I guess she's more of a cheerleader than a referee.

But I did manage to capture her "one-arm touchdown".

Stay tuned on Monday. I have more videos I will be posting!!

Have a great weekend!!

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Tsquared417 said...

Thanks for giving Matthew and I a giggle this morning!

Tyler said...

That is too cute!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Anonymous said...

She probably figures if she uses both arms she'll then have to learn the "O" "H" "I" "O" :oD

Alice K said...

That's cute! James has that same Bumbo chair, but doesn't do well in it at all, she looks like she is doing great sitting in there, Go Cayman!

Monica said...

Princesses don't have to use both arms. Duh.

Lisa said...

She really does understand so much! I loved seeing her little one handed touch down :)

On a different note: THANK YOU!
The baby ipod came in the mail and it's perfect! A wonderful size and weight for Elisabeth to be able to hold. And I am impressed with how many different tunes it has! And some of my favorites!
The next step will be to teach Elisabeth how to push the button. But until then, her sisters are happy to sit next to her and keep pushing 'play'!
Thanks Stamms! And thanks for the pics too....loved the Ohio State one :)

Sherri said...

I bet Daddy is loving that! I've really enjoyed all of the videos this week :) Keep them coming!!

bridget said...

Looks like she's Daddy's football girl!

KajnBlonde said...

She didn't use both hands because she would have had to let go of her favorite toy!

I am loving her daily videos!! She understands so much and is sooo cute!


Cassandra said...

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