A Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uncle Tyson traveled up for a visit this weekend. And what a perfect weekend it was!

Look at this beautiful day!!
It was the kind of day that is meant to be outside and enjoyed!!

Where did a day like this take us?

To the driving range.

Cayman and I watched nearby.

I did take a couple "whacks" myself and was reminded why I don't play.

The favorite shot of the day goes to Mike...

He hadn't been to a driving range in 3 years! His golf swing reflected that as he sent each ball from his 60 count bucket plopping nearly in front of him. Shot after shot, his frustration level grew higher and higher.

This was no Wii golf he discovered!

Just when his frustration level was peaking, he hit a laser shot directly towards a flag pole, smashing it!

A chunk of plastic flew off like a scud missile and smacked the ground several feet from the pole.We had to go check out the collateral damage more closely!

There's the flag pole on the right and Tyson's club is pointing at the chipped plastic chunk and where it landed.

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Monica said...

That looks like a great day! And of course Cayman looks fabulous

Anonymous said...


Grandma Cindy said...

Isn't Cayman just the cutest thing ever? Love you Baby Dear!!!!