Video, Day 4 ~ says "Da Da" and "Ma ma"

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Since the day I brought Cayman home from the hospital I have always snuggled her next to my side to read her all the comments posted.

Mike and I find everyone's comments and emails so uplifting. It feels great to know people care. Reading the comments to Cayman has been my way of making sure she knows you all love her so much too!!

Lisa recently said in this post:

What could be better for a child's development than a sense of security and the feeling of love?

I believe that is so true and is the very reason why I have always read Cayman the comments that are left on this blog. It is just another way I can surround her with that developmental feeding love!

Now that she is getting older, it's becoming a bit more difficult to snuggle her next to my side and have my laptop sitting there with us. Her legs are getting longer and stronger, and she finds it hilarious to kick the keyboard.

; she finds it hilarious when I tell her "No" when she kicks the keyboard. She is so darn cute the way she does it, I have to force a stern tone. Not that it matters because to her, Mommy is just playing another game.

So in this video you will see her doing that, as well as playing some Peek-a-boo {she's getting very good at it and does it all the time now}, and she even says, "Da" {Dad}.

At the very end I added another video of her saying, "Ma ma", which was her first word a few weeks ago.

No matter how many hundreds of times Mike and I watch this video, every time our hearts just melt!

18 Showin' Comment Love:

Grandma S said...

At the beginning of the video, Cayman sighs as if she's saying, "OK, Mom, I'm bored. Time to play."

I can't imagine her being ornery. Where would that characteristic have come from???

Molly C said...

She's not kicking. She's blogging! Duh. :-P Don't you know a future blogger when you see one?

Hey Cayman, the cuteness in that video is quite astounding. Keep up the good work beautiful girl!

PS her OT, PT and speech people are so lucky! I'm contemplating going to school for Speech Language Pathology and I'd be thrilled if my clients were HALF as cute as Cayman

Sherri said...

That is so cute...and she knows it! And Mom, your "no" is not very convincing :)I love her little snort towards the beginning!!

Tyler said...

Aww...this is my favorite by far. I love how she is at the beginning trying to kick the computer. I busted out laughing when I read she did that b/c Tyler does the same thing and when I tell him "NO" he laughs also and thinks it is a game. It's like he's trying to tell me to put that away and play with me.
And then when she is talking, that has to melt your heart every time. Adorable!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Aunt Sam said...

I love how she plays peek-a-boo!!! so cute!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I love these videos of Cayman! She is such a sweetheart. Elijah's just now starting to say "mama" and I love it! He doesn't do it too often, yet, but he does say "dada" more often. He lights up when his Daddy comes home.

I love her peek-a-boo!!! That is adorable! And she has the cutest little giggle. What a special little girl you have. :c)

kellyb3 said...

I couldn't stop laughing at her little laugh! She knows EXACTLY what she is doing. How funny!!

I love how she is so proud of herself when you both say good job that she claps. She is doing so well. You both should be VERY proud!!!

Alice K said...

What a sweet little laugh!

Lisa said...

Oh are so saucy! I love how you keep kicking at that keyboard (even when your mama says no)!

Love hearing her little voice! She'll be talking up a storm before you know it!

Tara said...

She is so sweet! That is so awesome that she is getting words! Im so proud of her!

The Soldatke family said...

How sweet is that. She knows she's being cute! I love her sweet little laugh

Jennifer said...

She is the cutest thing! I love love LOVE her laugh!!

Tsquared417 said...

I have been trying to comment all morning...finally!

I think she and Olivia would have a lot of fun together...when Olivia's here and I'm on my computer she is CONSTANTLY trying to get her feet on my board b/c she knows it drives me crazy!!

Cayman is the cutest!!

BTW, can I steal this idea of the video posts once I figure out my new video camera?

Kristen said...


Please, by all means, post your own video series too. I really look forward to it!!

Zoe said...

What an absolute doll she is! :D

Stephanie said...

I am behind. I just watched all of your last three video clips. Adorable and so fun. I love her sweet laugh as plays at kicking the keyboard. A little sweetheart that Cayman.

Sara said...

She makes me smile everytime. she is just soooooo sweet!!! :-)

bridget said...

Oh my goodness...that is THE sweetest video ever! I love it.

Hi Cayman! You're getting so big! Keep up the good work. :o)