Home Sweet Home....really can it be?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The offer on the dream house did not work out. We feel it's for the best though. As much as we would love to have a house and settle in without a future move insight, that does not seem to be where God would have us. I'm alright with that. I trust God's decision.

We're slowing down in the house hunting. We still see a house here or there as new ones pop up. Nothing striking. We're just going to stay put for now.

Knowing that the Taj is going to be our home for awhile it was time to make it that way. I called on Mike's muscles and had him rearrange furniture, I bought a few things that have brought order and more storage to this place, and gave it a deep clean. What a difference that made. It feels like home.

What?! What was that I just said? The Taj feels like home?! Really, can it be?

Yes, indeed, I am learning to be content.

***Here's the gross water after mopping the kitchen, just in case you wanted to see.

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Ann said...

God has a plan and it is perfect. You have such a great attitude through all the changes and moves that you've faced since we "met." You look so cute holding the mop and bucket and that mop water... disgusting. God bless ya girl!

The Soldatke family said...

That water was disgusting!!! Oh my goodness, the Taj needs a housekeeper!!
You're right, the right house will come in God's perfect timing!

Sherri said...

uuuuuh....I guess the previous renters must have spilled a lot of coffee???!?!?
I'm glad you have chosen to make a home wherever you are :)

Lisa said...

ummm...that water makes me cringe!

Good for you for finding contentment in the taj. One day you'll have your home, all in good time. You are wonderful Kristen, a great example to all!

Madison said...

Any pictures of Cayman?

Your Loving Husband... said...

Don't you miss it? :)