A Dream House

Friday, January 2, 2009

I can say I am officially exhausted of house shopping!! That's an unusual for me. Whether I'm in the market to buy or not I enjoy house tours. I love to see the way other people decorate, the differences in floor plans, and dream up home projects that would make the space beautiful and practical.

We have toured over 20 houses!! Only 2 we have liked. Buying a house is a huge deal and we have set our standards high. It's a large financial commitment and when you outgrow your house it's not as easy to trade it like you can your car. So when buying a house it's important for us to find one that will allow us to expand with our family. Plus when we do finally have a house, we don't plan to move for a very very VERY long time!!!

I'm not talking about having a mansion, not even what we had in Indiana. Just a place with adequate storage, a cozy family room, and 2 bathrooms. I grew up in a family of 5 and we only had one bathroom. While it was a situation that forced us to learn how to share it was a frustration that I dreamt I would not have as an adult with my own family.

Also as a child I dreamt of a house with a porch, white crown moldings, and a fireplace with a mantle. Our house in Indiana had a fireplace but no mantle. What a tease that was for me.

Now of course I understand that multiple bathrooms, decorative moldings, a fireplace, a porch-are all luxuries I would love to have but certainly don't need in order to make my life better than it already is. What I dreamt of most when I was a child God has already given me. I am truly happy which is why, now that I have found my dream house and we have put in an offer that will likely not work out, I can walk away and still be happy.

You can never get enough of what you don't need to make you happy. - Eric Hoffer

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The Soldatke family said...

Wow, I'm sure you are sick of looking at homes. It's too bad you can't get your dream home. I know what you mean by 'trading in your home'. We have LONG outgrown our home, but with only one part-time income (although Steve is working, just not for anyone, just doing odds and ends.) and the market we're in, I don't think it will be possible to move (although, I'm asking God that if it's his will, I'd love a bigger home!) God will find you a home! Thank goodness you won't have to live in the Taj forever! Good luck finding a home. I have not heard back from your naturopath again, so I did make an appointment with one in Kansas City (3 hour drive). He does not do the body scan, but says if he feels that Matthew would benifit from it, he will send us to one of his colleagues that do. We go next Friday!!

Stephanie said...

I know how you feel about wanting your dream home. We currently rent and the house is just to small. We were looking into buying but when we found out about Bryleighs condition we decided to hold off. We both curently work but after Bryleigh is born it may be best for me to stay home with her. So we didn't want to get into anything not knowing where we will be financially. So I just decided to settle with my shoe box (that's what I call my home now) for right now. LOL. Hopefully you get into your dream home soon!! House hunting can get stressful, I too also like looking at how people decorate, etc. Gives me more of an idea what I want. Good luck!

Lisa said...

I am just like you....I love taking home tours! Except I can see how it might get old after 20 some odd walk throughs...

I hope that the offer works out.

And your dream home...it sounds simply divine....especially that porch. If you end up with that porch I am going to come for a visit sometime and we can sit in rockers and chit chat late into the evening (of course, it would be summer time and warm and crickets would be chirping...)

Happy New Year!

Monica said...

You could do like me and go the the HGTV website and enter to win the dream home. It is a farmhouse'ish looking thing.

Anonymous said...

I am with you...you have to stick to your guns and wait for what you really want!

Anonymous said...

When we had been renting for quite awhile, I became obsessed with finding a house. My thrifty husband was not at the point I was, and he kept reassuring me to be patient and God would present the right time. I saw this house when driving home from work one day, and I LOVED it! It was for sale, and it had a beautiful front porch, tan with white trim, a tree swing, and so much character. I convinced my husband to call about it for fun. WOW, they were asking a lot, more than anyone in their right mind would probably pay for a beautiful but 100 year old home. About six months after that first spotting we actually began to somewhat look but nothing too seriously. My father-in-law e-mailed one day saying he had checked the sheriff's auctions, and there was a home closer to my work that sounded beautiful going up for sheriff auction, of course meaning it had ben foreclosed on. Low and behold it was the house we had called about. We went to the auction figuring it was a long shot. Many times the banks take them at the auction and try to resell them. We placed our bid, and one person bid against us, we bid again, and HOLY COW we got it! It was such a lesson in patience, and it was so obvious to me that God was answering our prayers in his time. It was unfortunate that the previous owner's lost it, but we were able to get the house at about 50,000 less than its appraisal amount. You will get your dream house, and it will probably pop up when you least expect it! be patient, and keep on praying about!