A New Look

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I have a new found interest...


My smart husband gave me a 101 lesson and now I'm able to do more than just change the background to my blog but also create a colored box around the posts and sidebar. I also created the dashed lines that separate each post and framed the pictures with a white line, and more.

This is a huge deal to me because I am very technology challenged.

If you were on my blog yesterday and noticed that the colors kept changing, that was me messing with the HTML'S.

I'm ecstatically proud of myself for learning my way around the HTML. Don't laugh if you're an expert in it. These things are naturally above my head. Mike has already had his share of laugh that I pluralized HTML. He thought that sounded funny.

I love being able to personalize my space!!

If you think it's difficult to read let me know.

Also Cayman is 8 months old today. So you know what that means...I'm going to dress her up and take lots of pictures. Of course I'll post them later, so stay tuned.

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Jennifer Owens said...

I wonder if children can go blind from all the flashing. If so, let me know because Mattson may be blind already. LOL. Snap away girl!

Carey and Jon said...

I think the new space is adorable! It suits you and Cayman very well :o) "Cutest Blog on the Block" is my favorite for backgrounds by the way. I keep updating mine everytime there is a new holiday approaching! Hope everything is going well for you though! Take care :o)

Aunt Sam said...

I love your new background. and if it makes you feel better...i know less than you! haha. maybe mike should teach me a few things. i mean...i don't even know how to download music! haha. tell cayman that Aunt Sam says happy 8 month b-day!! hehe. I miss you all!! :):)

Aunt Sam said...

ohhhh...and how bout that win today?!?! GO BUCKEYES! :)

Lisa said...

Great job! Your blog looks great.

As for my to-do list...you were not the first one to miss it...so I went ahead and put it back up. Go ahead and add it to your side bar too....I can keep tabs on what you're up to way over in Ohio!