8 Months Old

Saturday, November 8, 2008

**Checking out her tights**

  • You get very excited by kicking your feet and smile when you see a familiar toy.
  • You get very quiet and still when we show you a new toy. At first you are very reluctant to even touch it.
  • You laugh and smile when we bounce you or throw you up in the air...of course you never leave our hands. We are very careful with our precious angel.
  • You still love to watch football with Daddy.
  • You absolutely hate peas. One time we fed you peas and you refused to eat any pureed food for a week!
  • You wake up around 7 a.m. every morning.
  • You wear size "6 month" clothes.
  • You weigh 13 pounds 6 oz. - we're working on trying to get you to pack on the pounds that you have lost from your last hospital stay.
  • When we want to pick you up we hold out our hands and say, "Up?". You now recognize this gesture and kick in excitement when you want to be held.

8 Showin' Comment Love:

Lisa said...

8 months! Amazing! Look how far she has come :) Great photos!

(and Cayman...I don't care for pea's eaither)

Sherri said...

Adorable! I can't believe she is 8 months old already. And I'm lovin' the tights. I especially love how she has her little legs crossed in the photo :)

Shannon said...

How cute! Just when I think she can't possibly get any cuter...oh, wait...I know better than to think that! The hat just matches her outfit perfectly. If I have another little girl, will you make one for her? :)
Sweet, sweet, sweet! Oh! And by the way, way to go with HTML! I'm always amazed by people who know how to do that. I sure don't!

Jerry, Tia, Kaiden And Hunter said...

Well look at how cute she is in that dress! I love the tights! I love to dress up little girls...guess I need one to do that with but until then I'll live through my friends who have them! haha Happy 8 months Cayman!

Mary said...

Wow was a lil dolly. I have to admit I'm a little jealous of you having a lilttle girl to dress up. I always figured that God new I wouldn't be able to control my budget at all with a little girl. I'd have too much fun with the shoes and hats and all the girl fun. So I live through my friends. Ella Grace is pretty fun to shop for :-)

I'm also waiting for a picture of matching family hats for Christmas?

Grandma said...

Happy eight months dear precious Cayman!!!! You are looking (& acting) more grown up each time I see you! You are such a delight and joy! You smile also with your eyes and it melts my heart each every time! There aren't words to express what a blessing you are! I think you (and your parents) have taught us so much about life and about our wonderful Lord. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. We love you so!!! XOXOXO

Kacey Bode said...

Oh my goodness, she just gets cuter and cuter!! Hey, nice hat : ) Ella wore hers yesterday, we ran into Macy's to return something, in there 10 minutes tops, and she got 5comments on her hat, everyone wanted to know where it came from. I just smiled and said a friend made it for her. I LOVE IT!!

8 months already, she looks so big in these pics, well very tall anyhow, I can't believe how little of a peanut she actually is!!!

:) said...

How could you get upset at that girl. (even when she wakes you up at 3 in the morning) :)