What's in a Name?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"How did you come up with the name 'Cayman'?"

We get asked this question a lot! It's usually accompanied by a silly grin, expecting to hear we were in the Cayman Island's 9 months before Cayman was born.

There's no fancy story behind it like we were vacationing in a beautiful paradise island or something.

We first heard it on one of Mike's video games. It was the name of a player on a football game. We then heard it on the Makeover Home Edition show. One of the families that had a beautiful house built for them had a daughter named Cayman. We liked the name better for a girl than a boy. We thought it was pretty.

Cayman's middle name -Cindy- is my mom's name.

So that's the uninteresting story of how Cayman got her name.

I tried to look it up to find the meaning of the name Cayman but it does not exist in baby books. Instead when I googled it this is what I found:

Cayman IslandsCayman Crocs
Porsche Cayman
Someday we want to take Cayman to the Cayman Islands and let her go crazy picking out souvenirs with her name on it. When her feet get bigger I'm sure she'll have a pair of Cayman Crocs for them. And if she ever has a Porsche Cayman it will probably be in the match box size.

5 Showin' Comment Love:

Lisa said...

Interesting! I have wondered where you got the name from, but never asked. That's funny about the match box car...lol...

Jessie said...

I love her name and what a cute blog!

The Donald said...

Sweet name for an even sweeter little girl. Thank you for the great hats!!!

Anonymous said...

i think Cayman's name fits her perfectly!!! I love it!!!

Kadynsmommy2007 said...

I'm very of her name. I think it's beautiful! I have a thing for names that start with a C or a K. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.